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More virulent strains of West Nile Virus

This is from 2012. I ended up in the ER twice in August 2012, thanks to WNV. I still feel the effects daily :-(

I want to save this link on my blog.


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I have been having too much fun

I went out for a short time Friday to send a package. My grandson is turning 4. I am notorious for not sending stuff, so this was a momentous occasion.

It was 68 and sunny when I left. By the time I went a couple of blocks, it was darkly cloudy, spitting micro raindrops and getting colder. On my way home the wind was brutal. Gave me earaches.

When I got home, I was talking along just fine. Then very quickly I got allergic to something. I was like the weather. I changed quick. Soon there were elephants on my chest. I took a video of me wheezing :-p I almost never see and hear myself. I don’t recognize me. Funny looking :-p

I decided I should take a “normal” picture….just to prove to myself that I can fake it.


I am not feeling very normal. I spent years mostly hanging out in myasthenia gravis support groups. There I was pretty average. Now I am back to relearning about my autoimmune diseases. Very few people were sick like me at such a young age. Almost no one has had so many strange and complicated illnesses.

When I opened my bedroom window this morning before 8, I could see runners over by the 7-11. After I took my meds, woke up, got dressed and all that, I decided to go check out the marathon. There were people running past my apartment.


I went the 3 blocks to the library. A race official in front of my building was yelling that it was a quarter mile to the finish line. Just as I got to the finish line between the Leonardo and the library, the winner of the 26 mile marathon got there. I sat by the stage and listened to live music.


After I sat there for awhile, I realized I was sitting up against something more than just a fence . It was a corral for the drinkers to stay in! That’s the Miller beer tent.


I also realized there was a food truck in front of me. I had read about the Korean one on Yelp. I loved going to the food trucks in Portland with Heather :-) I have never eaten at one in SLC. So, I went to explore…




The Korean place cost more than $8. Cough, cough…choke, choke! I forgot I am not a yuppy. I didn’t even get close enough to the chia blimp to see if it was free or not. I loathe slimy chia stuff. The next 3 were FREE!





For free, I had a mango yogurt, ham and cheese sandwich and an almond milk frozen treat on a stick that was dipped in chocolate. Ugh…bouncing around in the wheelchair after eating made me queasy. I went home. At the finish line was a Mobil command center on one street, and this vehicle on my street. I am glad there weren’t any bad people doing things! The kids had a bounce house.




There were pinwheels around the Leonardo for child abuse awareness. A woman stuck two in my wheelchair.

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The cat did it!

Last night I was having trouble breathing. Tonight I was suffocating. It was either Wednesday or Thursday that I noticed my bed was about 8″ from the chest of drawers. I know I didn’t do it. It’s hard to move the bed in that direction. Maybe the woman looking for Olive did it? Last night and this morning Olive was playing with something under the bed.

I finally put all that together in my mind. I disconnected the oxygen hose from my CPAP. No oxygen was coming through. I pulled the tubing from between the mattress and box springs. There was a bunch of tubing between the headboard and mattress. As I pulled, there was a section almost severed. I pulled some more and found another spot chewed through. I tried duct taping them together, but the tubing was too mangled.

I could either sit up all night or call the oxygen company. Sigh…

Luckily the on-call guy was just a few blocks away. He brought me 2 pkgs of tubing.

This time I put the hose on my bed and put a doubled over sheet on top. I always keep a pillow covering the CPAP end and a light fleece wrapped around the concentrator end. Olive is on my PITA list! She has also chewed through 3 phone cords :-o I am hyper vigilant about both the tubing and the phone cord. All it takes is a few seconds. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

So…after getting the new oxygen tubing and getting it set up, I was way too agitated to try to sleep. I gave up after maybe 10 minutes of sucking down oxygen. I am back in my comfy chair.

I need to go to Lowe’s and find PVC or something to run the tubing through. No matter what I find, where the tubing attaches to the machines will be vulnerable. This is frustrating!

I am glad my previous cats were not chewers. What a headache.




I posted some of my redness pics, like my famously red feet and face. A few people said it looked like erythromelalgia. I never heard of it before. I bet most of my docs have never heard of it, either. A bunch of folks with Sjogren’s have it. Not thrilled I have something new to study up on.



Here’s my ear last year. Looks like it’s from another planet.

The government says…
Other disorders reported to be associated with erythromelalgia include systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), HIV infection, diabetes mellitus, venous insufficiency, astrocytoma, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. Whether the associations are coincidental is not clear. In the case of the patient with SLE, biopsy results showed vasculitis, and symptoms resolved with immunosuppressive therapy.


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“My” new garden




There are 7 wheelchair accessible planter boxes. Today was the planning meeting for the garden. Only 3 staff and me showed up. Hmmmmm…..

Salt Lake City was covered in chemtrail X’s around 1 PM. From up at the hospital, many more could be seen.


It was 74 degrees out when I came home. My toes were purple and my fingers puckered…as if it were winter. I am also covered in goosebumps. I think I pushed it by going out today. I feel sicker :-(



And those pics were taken after I had been home for half an hour. Stupid chills!

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My apartment passed inspection

Joe, the manager, says my apartment is too clean, but I passed anyway :-p

He changed my A/C filter while the maintenance guy checked alarms. I think this is the semi-annual inspection. We have other types where they are looking for bedbugs and spraying for common household pests. Many people stress out big time, make lists, clean for days. That’s gross!!!! I want to live neat, tidy and clean ALL the time.


I don’t think me or my tongue look much better. I still feel very yucky. I am supposed to go up to the hospital soon. I don’t want to go! Waaaaaaaa!!!!! But…..it looks to be a nice day :-)

Olive says hi. I have been trying to brush her. She doesn’t stay still. Olive wants to know where all her hair is going.





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Dang, I look awful



Geeze, the Sjogren’s gets more painful each day. My tongue looks worse in real life. There are little divots missing all over. The outside edge is rimmed in a flaming red and the middle is less intense. The whole thing feels burned and chewed up.

My tongue is often swollen or it stings. This is a new version of the old weirdness. Creepy, huh?

My lupus face has been red all day, too. Sigh….

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What is broken now?

Monday I went to bed around 10. Then I woke up every few minutes until I got up at 1 AM. I am thinking something about my hernia is stuck. It has never been so painful. When I first got up, I wondered if I should be going to the ER. But…it’s too late for public transportation. I am hoping that if I sit up for a while, that whatever is wrong might resolve at least a little. So far, it only feels worse.

I sat up almost 4 hours. I hate to think how many times I had to jump up and use the bathroom during that time. Ugh. I still slept uncomfortably, but at least I slept.

I sat around for awhile this morning and went crazy listening to my upstairs neighbor stomp and have temper tantrums. I decided to go buy some yogurt and kefir and other tasty things. It was a fantastically gorgeous day with a high of 71 degrees. Coming home I realized that I love SLC when the trees are leafy, the flowers blooming and the temperature pleasant. After being soooooo sick, it was nice to get fresh air.

The upstairs nutcase has been going bonkers randomly all day and night. She still wakes me up more often that not. I wish smokers had to keep all their smoke to themselves and crazy people kept all their craziness. This building is quite nice when bad stuff doesn’t leak out of each unit.

Now it’s Wednesday. Still sick and miserable :-( I went out to deal with garbage and recycling and saw one very sick tenant. Perhaps I have some sort of community cooties mixed with my regularly scheduled misery? I napped more than 4 hours this afternoon. I felt less nauseous when I woke up, but am now back to awfulness. Ugh.

I am not much fun. Olive is doing much better, though :-)


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So many ups and downs!


Olive was perky and wanted to watch TV.

All morning Olive improved by leaps and bounds…literally. She played with the laser light and did her first playful jumping in a few days. She peed a couple of times and pooped for the first time in three days. She pigged out on salmon cat food and some tuna. Then she barfed up another hairball. Dang. That made Olive depressed. She has gone someplace private to sulk.

I have been removing as much loose hair as possible from Olive. It’s shedding time.

I had to make a quick trip to the eye center. The TRAX train made me sick. On the way home, it tried to eat me! I had just barely started up the ramp and the doors closed HARD on the wheelchair. It partly knocked me off :-o I yelped and said ouch. Then I got inside and realized I had an audience. Oooops. At the next stop, the ramps on BOTH sides opened just as the train was starting to move. Inexperienced driver? Door malfunction?

I was so queasy that I don’t even remember wheeling home. Heck, I don’t remember most of today. Oh! When I got my mail, some women were on their way to my new apartment. I spent about 5 minutes staring at the kitchen and took some pics, then I came home and promptly forgot it all.

I am nowhere near as sick as most of yesterday, but I am definitely not all here. Sigh…
















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Olive is a contortionist


Look carefully and you can see the bed of yellow tulips along the driveway.

A woman down the hall from me is a volunteer at the humane society. I asked her about Olive’s drippy eye. She came to my apartment with her friend who also volunteers there. Of course Olive disappeared into thin air. It was just like the day the painters left my door open and everyone tried to find Olive.

My neighbor’s friend got on my bedroom and living room floor SEVERAL times. I was in awe :-o I moved the couch and tipped the comfy chair up. We looked in all the closets and cupboards. We shook kitty treats and made the furry mouse toy squeak. Nothing worked. We did this for half an hour.

My neighbor went back to her apartment for Pedialite and a syringe. She said to make sure Olive drinks some.

About 5 minutes after they left, Olive struggled out from under the couch. She had been above the fabric liner, in the springs. Geeze!

I have been trying to get Olive a vet appointment. One place said the 20-something of May was their next available appointment! By the time I tried the mobile vet, they were closed for the weekend. The two women gave me some options for tomorrow.

I was freaking out, thinking Olive was going to die. Her eye has watered ever since I got her. The a couple of days ago, she barfed up a hairball. Then she kept puking. Today she was dizzy.

Several places on the net, it was suggested to feed something stinky like sardines or tuna. I was ecstatic when Olive drank a can’s worth of tuna juice. She seems much better now. I just took these pics.





She looks OK now, huh? I sure hope so! This is part of what has been scaring me. I have been so sick that every decision and attempt at getting help for Olive doesn’t seem real. Because of my fever and pain, I felt incapable of doing anything or going anywhere. At precisely 3:15 PM, my brain and body came out of the twilight zone and I was able to ask my neighbor for help. When I was most stressed, I wasn’t capable of anything.

There haven’t been very many times I have felt so lost and alone. Geeze…. That was scary! It reminds me of after my first TIA and then stroke. Doctors asked me how old my daughter was, when was my birthday, who was the president. I didn’t have a clue and burst into tears. I was able to think, but not well. When I get like this it’s as if I am an observer of my life, not me.

When those women came in my apartment, I panicked big time when Olive couldn’t be found. All I could think of was that she had crawled off to die. I used super-human strength to move my bed, couch and chair. Oh. My. Gosh! Now my hernia and cystocele hurt pretty bad :-( All day I was in the bathroom. Now I feel like barfing out anything that might be left.

I need a keeper. I don’t feel like me. Prayers needed for Olive.

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