Shopping and a refund!


Have you heard about the class action lawsuit? You can choose to get $25 cash or $50 in coupons. I picked the coupons. They had better be good ones! It’s interesting about this….I often compared two brands side by side and wondered why this brand seemed to have less. Now we know! Sign up now.

Starkist Tuna Refund or Coupons

I slept 9 hours and only woke up once to go pee. What a treat to sleep so long! :-) I thought that would translate to feeling better today. Ha ha ha ha ha…… All morning I was very not with-it. It was hard to focus my eyes and my attention. It was cool after noon, so I decided to go get milk. It was advertised in the paper for 2 for $4 and it was marked that way on the shelves. I got home, and the receipt said $2.29. Smith’s is guilty of this over and over and over. Time to investigate them! I called to tell them the sale started at 7 AM Wednesday and they were cheating many, many people by ringing it up at $2.29. The woman was not amused to be talking to me. I used to go there regularly for refunds. Most people probably don’t keep track of what they buy, what it costs and what it’s advertised for… they rake in the bucks….ILLEGALLY :-( 29 cents is a big deal to me.


I look like a fat person on meth. The left side of my face is covered in red sores. I had just soaked myself to get cool when I took the pics. These spots look worse in person. Looking at my head sideways, I now understand why my CPAP head gear pops off the top of my head! The swelling at the bottom of my hairline is there a lot….and it hurts!


I always tell people you will NOT have better living through pharmaceuticals. So many people on support groups look for meds to erase every symptom. But then each med causes more symptoms. After scrolling through all the meds and medical devices on this site, it was once again reinforced why I try to take as few meds as possible.


There’s a guy who makes me crazy, who has this on his FB page. I must admit, I like it :-) I rarely have any life other than pain and appointments. Today my eyes drooped shut in the sun and heat, plus my voice disappeared after a few sentences. Sigh….


There aren’t many flowers to take pics of during the heat of summer. This growns next door to the Sprouts store. Wow! I had no idea that there were giant hibiscus flowers. Thir name is appropriately Hibiscus grandiflorus. Way bigger than my hands!



And then there’s Olive…the cutest cat ever :-)

Fever and chills


Of course I saw that coming, then promptly forgot. I have had small fevers and chills for a couple of days….but that’s sort of my normal. Tuesday night it became BIG fever and chills. My skin hurts. My hair hurts. Every joint hurts. So far, the cycling back and forth is every half hour or hour. I am at 101.3. I don’t feel well at all :-(

You can imagine I did not feel like going to my medical appointments Wednesday morning. I had very intense night sweats all night long! Each time I woke up in the night, I was either burning up or freezing, and it didn’t take long until I was the opposite.


Took a shower and went to get a mammogram. Just from home to the hospital, I was sweaty. Even after the shower…..I could smell that darned vinegar sweat. I had to leave both windows wide open while I was gone, because the apartment smelled like I dropped a gallon of vinegar. Yuck. I had a really hard time standing long enough to do the testing. I was reeling around from weakness and dizziness, plus my eyes were rolling all around in my head. They wanted me to wait there for the results in case I needed to redo any of the imaging.

Luckily my next appointment was one floor below, in the same building. So I went down there and got my port flushed. It only took a few minutes. I went back up and got the mammogram report saying everything’s fine.

The whole time home, I was cycling back and forth between fever and chills. My eye had drooped shut and I felt horrible, yucky, gross. Got back in the apartment, switched to my nightgown and plopped in the comfy chair. I had 3 hours to rest before the GP appointment. More of the same……burning up…..freezing….burning up….freezing. I fell asleep sitting up :-o Each time I woke up with my heart pounding.


Went to the GP with a list. He wrote a letter to Paratransit asking them to make my card permanently unconditional. It was funny listening to and watching his reaction when he found out I could not take Paratransit if the temperature was between 40 and 80. He thought it was ridiculous. Well, that makes two of us.

He said he would OK repair of my power wheelchair. He made me pee in a cup. He was hoping I had a UTI, since that would explain the fever and vinegar sweats. Nope. Then he made his assistant get me an appointment for their GYN. I didn’t even know they had one! The doc is upset that no one has cared that I have had vaginal bleeding after a complete hysterectomy. Well, that makes two of us, too!

Once I got out of my chair to pee in a cup, my voice got broken. I told him my voice had been working more often than not for at least a couple of weeks. We talked about my dizziness, queasiness, etc, etc. My left eye had been mostly closed for the whole visit. I told him that if I covered my eye, I got less queasy. When I covered my eye, my voice worked! I don’t remember figuring out that solution before! Then I told him about my other eye getting stuck looking down. He said that was an MG thing.


Then….the doc does what he always does. He hugged me. But this time it was a big bear hug. I had been on the verge of tears for days. The hug brought out the stupid tears. That made him hug me even more. He always tells me he loves me and kisses me on the forehead. The world would be a way better place if all docs cared about people that much.

I had originally hoped I could stop for a gallon of milk on the way home from the hospital. Nope. Too sick. Plan B was to go after visiting the GP. Nope. Too sick. I have decided that later I will make myself some hot chocolate with evaporated milk. This was the first time this doc has tested my pee and I wasn’t dehydrated. That’s because I drank a whole gallon of milk in the last few days :-) I drink gallons of water, but stay dehydrated. There must be some science behind that. I Googled it. Now I remember reading this stuff before. Chocolate milk refuels and hydrates.

I am mentally and physically beat up. I sure hope I get to rest tomorrow!


4 PM 

The high today was 88. Thank goodness!!!!! When I was at the hospital, it wasn’t too far from the web cam I save these pics from. I was bummed to see the city covered in haze….but the charts say our air quality is much better :-)

Screenshot 2015-08-26 at 5.22.30 PM

I can see the mountains!

It’s nice to have blue skies and cleaner air. Instead of smoke, I woke up to the smell of car exhaust and then lawnmowers and weed wackers. I guess the weather camera is busted. Every time I have gone to get a pic yesterday and today, there’s just the symbol for a broken picture. I wanted to show you how much better the air is getting. Wednesday we are expecting rain and a drop in temperatures.


Here’s a web cam from Alta ski area, looking down towards SLC. There’s always a layer of cruddy air down here…..but it looks better :-)


The camera works now. Here’s a shot from 11 AM. Lots better :-) At 12:30 AM it’s 95 degrees. I went over to Deseret Industries thrift store to buy a Christmas popcorn tin to keep cat food in. A dollar well spent :-) The latest cat food bag I got was not resealable. Just traveling a block over there was awful. I felt very weak when I got to the store. I tried to look at cookbooks, but my eyeballs were jiggling all over. This time I could actually feel them moving. Creepy! It has been getting harder to read each day. At first I thought I was queasy from the heat, but I have been sitting in pure A/C for a couple of hours, and I am only getting worse…..both my eyes and my guts :-(


Here’s 5 PM. The clouds are rolling in for th rain that’s coming. It has been way too hot the last couple of days. I am looking forward to the cooler weather!

Screenshot 2015-08-25 at 8.23.40 PM

The above was saved right around 8:30 PM.

About half an hour ago, there was a knock on my door. A guy brought me a bunch of papers that I had put in the big dumpster recycling bin yesterday. He said they were out in the lobby tonight. That means someone went through the dumpster and took out stuff…..with the hope of identity theft. I feel sooooooo screwed. Just great. It was mostly stacks of medical releases to past doctors. Each had my signature. Someone had to climb in the dumpster to get them out. I suppose I need to talk to Social Security…..or somebody???

I still have the earaches….but now am getting worried. I have a wicked bad sore throat to go with it. Is it just allergies, or something else? Bummer. I feel like I have the flu…I hurt all over. I just go through these cycles every so often…but sometimes it turns into worse than a passing thing. Not sure yet if it’s just the usual. Last night I noticed the first swollen lymph nodes. Now they are everywhere. Sigh…..


I love having support groups!


Yesterday on the WNV group, someone asked if any of us have had trouble reading since gettng WNV. That would be me. It’s a huge comfort to know a few dozen people are struggling with the exact same issues as me. Often, a question about something simple will trigger a huge response. For the first couple of years after WNV, I really did not want to admit to a lot of my cognitive struggles. I used to be smart. I thought it would come back any minute now. Sigh…….


But on the flip side….I hate support groups. Someone will write in saying how bad they feel…..weak, drooped eyes, etc, etc. I feel all sorry for them and maybe relate a similar experience. Then the next post is about how they hiked 10 miles or went to the beach for hours or went out dancing and drinking all night. I feel duped….and pissed! Obviously their lives weren’t all that tough. Sigh…..


The one that got me today was a woman bitching about getting IVIg…..all the pain and inconvenience. I wish I was getting an IVIg today!!!!!!


Hmmmmmm… attitude sucks. Must be my empathy button is stuck on off.


I suppose a quadraplegic reading about me complaining how hard it is to cook, or shop or hobble to the bathroom is thinking shut up! I wish I could do those things! Sigh…..


I am never happy. Either my guts aren’t moving and I am miserable….or they are like today, and I have to go to the bathroom every hour or less, and I am miserable. All day today, I have either been crying or on the verge of tears. Do I still have enough hormones to be hormonal? Sure feels like it.


Last year I got on the FrontRunner train and explored Utah. I am still waiting for some energy to do that this year. The BEST news today is that the smoke is supposed to clear tomorrow!!!!! My ear drums have been swollen and aching all week. I hope there will be fewer allergens in the air. We still have very high weed pollen and high grass pollen. Sigh…..


So, I had been putting off 3 doc appointments. I called each one and now ended up with 3 appointments in one day. I will need a doc by the end of that day! :-p


You know what else ticks me off? I was reading the church paper and there was this article about being frugal. Every single thing listed would be extravagant for me. I have looked many times….I have never found a blog by someone who is disabled and with my income. I want to know how they do it! How does someone eat for 98 cents per meal? How do they get by with virtually no leftover money after expenses? I really, really want to know how other people do it.


The people here are not very good examples. I only know of a few people who live on my income. None of them pay what I do for rent. Most have been around SLC long enough to get “housing”. They only pay a third of their income. It’s up to about an 8 year wait for that. I know one guy with the same income, but he has a roommate. Even with 2 of them, they seem to specialize in not paying rent on time. They abuse substances and one of them keeps pawning his government funded new wheelchair. I see him gimping by my window and just shake my head.



Quite a few people buy most of their food at 7-11. A constant diet of pizza and hot dogs with chips and soda. Yuck! I watch those folks trudge by foot or zoom by in their chairs…..back and forth, numerous times a day. I would love to know someone who inspires me.


I guess it’s a bad mood, disgusted day. I took a nap this afternoon for a few hours. That helped a little. I still don’t feel well, though. Today I have done absolutely nothing useful…..for myself or anyone else. I would really like to be up-beat. My voice has been half broken. When people go by and yell hi, my voice keeps saying ha-eye. I get discouraged because so much in my life is either broken, or up in the air. I am still waiting for the judge’s IVIg ruling. I need a few things finalized so I can then move on to what’s next. I feel like I have been hanging in limbo with way too many things.


I don’t do well without a project to work towards. Watching and waiting makes me crazy.


Just for the heck of it, I looked around at various Craigslist cities to see how much a wheelchair accessible van would cost. OMG! Even old ones are pricey….like many thousands of dollars pricey….for a van a couple of decades old. I like to pretend that any day now I will be strong enough to drive and take off….far, far away from Utah healthcare. I need IVIg to feel OK. All my troubles seem like the same old vicious cycles as the other poor people around me. It’s a good thing that drugs and alcohol have no appeal to me. I can see how people fall into that trap to try to avoid feeling hopeless. In reality, that crap just makes it all more hopeless.


Sorry. I am not very inspirational at all.


What the heck?


Sleeping was torture last night. The night sweats came back, I hurt all over and my tongue swelled up and hurt all night long! The most common reason I woke up each time was because I was drooling profusely. I had to keep wiping my face and rotating my pillow. When I finally woke up this morning, it felt like my tongue had bad road rash :-( There was a line along the right side and an extra little scallop of tongue. It still hurts. According to Chinese medicine, I have a Qi defficiency. My tongue said that.

Last night, I raised my arm and waived to a neighbor outside of my window…who said hi. My arm went into instant muscle cramps and twitches. It felt like it weighed a bazillion pounds. The muscles quivered for hours. Then in my sleep, the tuning fork quivering in my legs woke me up a few times.


For Sunday brunch, I made sausage gravy. I put it on grilled dinner rolls, torn up. I found the rolls on the free table Saturday night just before lock-up. Somebody here has a kid that works at Ream’s grocery store. They have been bringing us loads of free bread :-)


10 AM

I am very bleary eyed, dizzy and feel confused. I feel like I am not really here. I just keep getting weaker and weaker as the day goes on. For some reason, the air looks better, but it’s bothering me more to breathe it. Well….it’s getting worse fast. The particulates and ozone are going up, up, up.


1 PM

I gave up trying to act like a functional adult and napped a few hours. The air got a lot worse. No wonder I felt icky.


6 PM

Screenshot 2015-08-23 at 7.04.23 PM

Screenshot 2015-08-23 at 7.05.58 PM

The ozone went up quite a bit in the afternoon.

I am a weakling today. Even after napping, I am struggling to have enough strength to sit in my comfy chair. I keep trying to find things to keep me focused. Yesterday was the Color Run, but in May was the Color Me Rad Run. I had to look up in my blog which one I watched a bit of last year. It was the May race. I got creeped out by the drone above my head and came home. Today I started reading about real estate drones. Did you know that companies such as Coldwell Banker love to use drones? They fly above and around the house….and apparently, even in it! I watched a bunch of real estate drone videos today for fun and excitement. How’s that for weird? Lots of controversy and it looks like the laws about drones change about daily. Flying through a house 

It sure would have been cool to see my 10 acres in Vermont with a drone! :-) I liked looking at Manchester, VT. Where there’s a V in the road, and the creepy music changes, that’s the library at the point. Got a Vitamix at a garage sale right across from the library about 31 years ago :-) Next I see Orvis. Malfunction Junction now has a roundabout. I used to work near Orvis, cooking at the Buttery. It was in a big, red barn called the Jelly Mill. I see Orvis now owns and uses the barn. Drone photography is cool!


Fun with body parts



I found a pic just like my eyes!

What parts did you think I meant? I was playing with my eyes. All Saturday morning my right eye has been doing the buzzing, quivering twitching thing. I stood in front of the mirror and moved my head all around to watch what my eyes did. My right eye was not moving like my left eye. When I turned my head, the right eye would kind of get stuck at the bottom and then quickly hop to where it was supposed to be. I never get tired of watching stuff like that. Yup…..easily amused :-)


Just before I went into MG crisis in February, one of my eyes went up. With MG, the eye muscles are wonky!

The smoke wasn’t as bad today. I forgot to save a pic at 5, but I got one at 3 PM. Look! The mountain is back! My eyes still sting.


It was several days ago when the blanket incident happened. My teeth and the inside of my mouth still hurt from that mishap! I really bit into my flesh :-(

I didn’t do much today. Something always hurt or my head was busy spinning. Then around 8 PM, I felt like going grocery shopping. I wanted some milk since I don’t seem to be able to stay hydrated with water. I wheeled it to Smith’s and Trader Joe’s. I spent less than $5 at Joe’s and not much more at Smith’s. There was no tart cherry juice at Trader Joe’s!!! So many things I like and buy seem to quickly disappear. I liked their orange oil room spray last year. There also were no half gallons of vanilla ice cream. At Smith’s, I got a milk off the bottom shelf, put it in my cooler bag and went to pay. When I lifted it up….milk oozed everywhere and my cooler was coated in milk. The cashier got me a new gallon. What a mess!


There were stacks of barricades at every corner of my street. How did I miss the whole thing? Glad I did :-) Since the street drains were taped over and there was colored cornstarch here and there, I figured it must be the Color Run, like last year. I looked it up. Yup. I passed a lone guy loading porta johns on a big truck. I am always amazed how quickly festivals are cleared and cleaned when they are over.

I was only gone an hour, but it totally wore me out. I was having WNV flash-backs. Back then, EVERYTHING made me burst into tears. I felt like that tonight because of the spilled milk, the parades of cars full of couples as I waited on the TRAX platform, and several other things. TJ’s was bumming me out left and right. The free sample was beans with bbq sauce. Guess what I had for supper? Yup! Beans with bbq sauce. Theirs had Kansas City sauce, I used their Carolina Gold mustard based bbq sauce….with some catsup, maple syrup, sauteed onions and 2 thinly sliced hot dogs in mine. I also put half a diced avocado on top :-)


Remember I said there was NO WAY that I wanted a piece of the garden action here? Just as I predicted, it has resulted in screaming, altercations and intrigue. Sooooooo glad I wanted no part in it. If the scuttlebutt can be believed, the manager has threatened to pave it over :-) Today’s drama was the case of the missing tomatoes.

As always, Olive is the cute one here :-)


I just keep learning


Last night, on my CIDP support group, a woman with both CIDP and MS described that she felt like a giant tuning fork. I instantly knew what she meant. That’s the sensation I keep calling the buzzing, quivering, jittering that wakes me up. We talked back and forth a bit. I started Googling for buzzing, quivering, tuning fork. It seems to be common in all the neurological problems that neuros have thought I might have at one time or another, but mostly MS. I know it’s silly…..but I feel huge relief to know it’s not just me.

The real name for that feeling is parasthesia. At first I got confused, because the sensation I get that feels like warm pee running down my leg is also called parasthesia. Docs told me that years ago. Turns out, they are things that happen with neurological diseases….therefore are related. It bums me out that the oppositional neuro blocked my referral for a consultation with the neuro that specializes in this stuff.

The air was worse to breathe today. My ribs and lungs hurt….but my head hurts the most. Geeze….I haven’t even left my apartment. I thought about getting the mail and taking out garbage…..but each time decided I was too dizzy.


5 PM Friday

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 6.03.57 PM

A big oh, oh with my teeth. After 3 years of no dental care and holes in my teeth getting bigger and bigger the entire time, I am having some distressing mouth pain :-( I wish I knew what to do. It really sucks being this low income, with no way to help myself.

I try not to obsess over the fact that ever since August 5th, I no longer have a neurologist. Some of the MG discussion group topics today make me anxious. I am in big doo doo if my MG flares……and MG flares with dental infections :-(


I like the sentiment on this shirt :-) Thanks to my incisional hernia, I now need a HUGE size to fit over my pregnant looking belly. No MG shirts for me. They are not made in tent sizes.

I have been having an emotional day. I wrote this today, with some editing for the blog……Before I was ever diagnosed with MG, my doc sent me from Vermont to Boston to be evaluated for ALS. I know how scary that diagnosis can be. Just now on the noon news, there was a segment on the ice bucket challenge and how it has helped ALS research. They plan to do this challenge every August until there is a cure. I burst into tears. You know what…..I want a cure, too! When I was diagnosed with cancer, there’s a huge support system backing up that disease. People I know with muscular dystrophy were able to go to camps and get all sorts of help thanks to the MDA. Folks around here who have down syndrome gets all sorts of help and fun trips through advocacy groups. Another friend has mental illness. She is in a special program to buy her a new bed, new appliances, clothes, etc. My main problems are MCTD, West Nile Virus and MG. Mostly I get misunderstanding and hatred from the medical commununity….and there are no perks. I still live on my $733/month disability and pay 72% of that for rent. I struggle to buy food and I haven’t bought new clothing, except underwear, for years. Where’s our cure? Where are the organizations that are TRULY helping us? Still crying in Utah…..

Yes, feeling sorry for myself today. I just want to escape…..from my body, from Utah and from everything that is unfair or hurts. Sigh…….




I just discovered someone I once knew is dead. He lived most of his life knowing he was going to die sooner, rather than later. He was an inspiring person. I wish I could be as strong and useful as him. It’s his relatives that confuse me.

Life is complicated and confusing. Especially the part about dealing with people. Sometimes heros and villains are the same people, depending on who they are interacting with….or the circumstances. There are people I really like and people I really don’t. It would be very rare for me to purposely hurt someone. I manage to hurt people anyway…..but I don’t mean to. I have been hurt a lot by some of the people who have done good in the world.


I guess I need to understand life better. One person can embody all sorts of good and bad traits. When their bad traits are focused on me, that’s how I perceive the person. I don’t like being hurt. I try very hard to see the whole human being as a complex person. The closer the relationship, the more it hurts. I have a lot to think about today.

Last night I was tempted to send Heather an email to check in with me first thing this morning, but she has enough on her plate right now. I think it was around 11 PM that my vision started fading away….and my head felt strange in a very new way. I wasn’t too worried until I stood up. I came close to fainting. I tried to sleep, but just writhed around. I got up for Mesinon and Motrin, but only felt worse. When I woke up this morning, I was surprised I was still alive!

I felt horrible all morning, then, as if someone snapped a finger, I felt much better in the afternoon. I truly do not understand my body! After 5, the head wooziness came back. When I stand up, my ears ring and I hear the fans pulsating. Inside my head, I hear whoooo….whoooo…..whoooooo as I sway around.

I meant to write this down. For almost a week, the jiggling, quivering muscles came back. It’s always the most annoying when I am in bed. When I am awake, I can get used to it. I have been having very heavy night sweats. I am not sure if they didn’t happen last night, or if I slept so soundly that I never woke up to notice. Always a mystery.


5 PM

Screenshot 2015-08-20 at 5.20.11 PM

Smoke from wild fires could cause high concentrations of particulates in populated areas. If smoke becomes thick, persons with existing heart or respiratory ailments should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity. Individuals are asked to TravelWise by consolidating trips and choose cleaner transportation options.

As usual, the air can’t be helping how I feel. Sometimes the smoke smell today was really nasty :-( All those poor trees….all those poor firefighters! :-( My nephew has been fighting fires out here in the west. Very scary!

My counselor came to see me today. It feels more like having a friend come over for a chat. I very much appreciate having him as a friend :-) We think a lot alike. He’s a 30-something year old guy. I like to think I have given him some useful things to ponder.


Medical madness


I spent hours going over the 80 doctor appointments listed on my online medical portal for one group, then hours more going through the paper records. Soooooo much deception!

I am taking out the name of the doctor, but look what I found online.

Office Visit with ****, MD
Tuesday December 17, 2013 7:45 AM
Where: Neurology
Reason for Visit:
Myasthenia Gravis
Myasthenia Gravis In Remission
Myasthenia Gravis

I remember that at the time, he thought my MG was in remission. Little did I know that later, he would deny the whole thing! This is the idiot who told the judge I got too remarkably better with IVIg… I have conversion disorder. This is also the doc that gave my neuro “a talking to” and told him to quit prescribing IVIg and saying I have MG.

Before I ever saw the above idiot neuro, I saw his partner in crime, at the same place. That’s the guy who just walked in the room and declared I did not have MG….with nothing to back it up. He is also the idiot who claimed I had a “normal gait” and held up my wheelchair for 9 months. It took three different PT wheelchair experts to neutralize his opinion. Well, that same online medical record page has now taken that neuro’s name and appointment summary off the records! Now it lists the doctor that was his intern at the time. Her summary says I have “abnormal walking”. I want to know how they get away with all they do???

Then I made 4 piles of paperwork. Big hospital, smaller hospital group, anything neurological and anything abdominal. That was depressing. I wrote down 3 pages of abnormal tests and imaging, plus diagnosises I had forgotten.

There were worse test results for WNV than I remembered. Lots of torture, too….thanks to the lumbar punctures, MRI and CT scans.

I found the pages from the hysterectomy that said my pre-operative diagnosis was “endometrial cancer, type 1, grade one”….then the post-op says the same thing. Yet the pathology reports say no cancer. Then there were all the papers about my wound vac at $146/day for 4 months, the issues trying to get wound care and all the memories came flooding back about the whole nightmare surrounding damage done to me and scant post operative care :-( I don’t remember knowing I had adenomyosis. That explains a lot of pain and blood over the years!

Then there was the diverticulitis hospitalization, resulting in antibiotic infusions, a colonocopy, a biopsy and many, many CT scans and blood tests. The diverticulitis and hysterectomy morphed into my incisional hernia.

A small subset of the paper piles was from when I was hospitalized with an MG flare that they called bronchitis, and they then proceded to fill me with lots of IV solumedrol and antibiotics. That’s from when the doc gave me erythromycin that is contraindicated for MG and my breathing got bad. I had to be hauled off in the ambulance. That’s the day I learned about “the tripod position”. I was bent over, choking when the emergency crew got here.

My guts are acting up. I ate that salad and an hour later, I fushed it down the toilet. I didn’t know food could go through me so fast :-o Food either goes through too fast or too slow…..and either way it makes me very, very queasy :-(


This was at 5 PM

Screenshot 2015-08-19 at 6.20.13 PM

For Thursday……SALT LAKE County: Air Quality Condition: Moderate Ozone. Health Advisory: Air quality is acceptable; however for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people. For example, people who are unusually sensitive to ozone may experience respiratory symptoms.

Just great. The yucky air continues. No chance of rain for a week.

Wow! I wasted a whole day reading medical records and hurrying to the bathroom. What a life!

Oh…..I forgot to tell you what I did last night. I was trying to spread the blanket on my bed. I lifted my hands above my head and got tangled in the blanket. My head was cinched tight by the fabric and my arms were caught inside. Somehow that violently snapped my head so that I bit both lips and scraped the heck out of the inside of my mouth. I fell on the bed, seeing stars. My whole mouth still hurts :-(



By 7 PM, I decided it was cool enough. I took TRAX to Rancho Market. I got 2 bunches green onions .25 each, 3 large avocados .99 each, 4 Mexican squash .66, 4 lemons .77, 6 white onions .79, 6 Roma tomatoes $1.33, 4 limes .87, 4 peaches .73. Total $8.62 :-) Now I just need to be hungry enough to eat.

All that smoke made a gorgeous red-orange sunset. It was quite pleasant coming home. At 9 PM it’s 75 degrees.

Mmmmmm….that was good! I had cut up peaches with cream and a touch of sugar :-) Maybe I will have the salad for brunch?

I am really living it up tonight!!!



Notice how silver my hair is now that it’s cut short? I like that color :-) Olive says THE END.


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