RV parked somewhere I can’t remember 😛

Just went through Solvang. Too touristy for my taste…but visually interesting. 

I saw a purple skirt at Walmart that I just HAD to try on. I didn’t even know that Walmart sold big clothes. The second I put my foot in the skirt, my foot touched the skirt and floor together. I fell down so fast it was a blur! CRASH. Ouch!!!!

The handicapped woman’s changing room had a way too polished wood floor.

The manager and others freaked out. Wanted to take me to a doc. I got a big blood blister on my palm. My knees and legs are bruised all over. My neck hurts!

I’m sitting in the RV trying to hurt less.

Finally got my wits together enough to drive off.


I am NOT very good at blogging by phone. Now it’s Saturday and I am using my laptop in front of a Starbucks. MUCH easier 🙂

 The drive up CA 1 yesterday was spectacular! Now I see why Big Sur was mentioned in all my 70’s hippy books. WOW! Nice trees….beautiful ocean!

 I have lots of pictures taken by cell phone. Now I need to figure out where they are and how to post them here……

This was my campsite for 2 nights in the Los Padres NF