Saturday I camped at the Oakhurst LDS church so I could go to meetings Sunday. When I got back out to the RV I  could not decide whether to stay in the mountains or go back to the ocean. After much thought, I headed west.

 I guess my IVIg is wearing off. I  haven’t been feeling too good. I drove only a couple of hours and pulled into a park to rest. When I looked up nearby campgrounds, there was one 7 miles away….McConnell State Recreation Area. I spent the night. Only two rigs in the whole CG. Then I lingered until almost noon.  I took a shower both Sunday night and Monday morning. Those were my first REAL showers since Quartzsite, AZ!!!!! One day I bathed in a river and the rest of the time I wash my hair over a dish pan and do a sponge bath.

 Today I have not gotten too far. I stopped at a WalMart for provisions….then drove only a short way beccause I realized I had accidentally left a top hatch open. When I pulled over to shut it, I found a Starbucks. I parked next to it for wifi, then saw I was parked at a SuperCuts. My hair has been driving me NUTS!!!!! It feels really good to have it cut 🙂

 So, I’m being a slow poke…driving here and there, but not getting too far. 

 Saturday night I called Rhett for the first time since leaving him after going to the temple. It was bitter-sweet. I will always love and miss the “good Rhett”. Sigh….

 I just looked up and there is an Aussie under the table on the patio at Starbucks. He has the same eyes as Zeke. I love Aussies! 🙂 Same smile, too 🙂

 Much of my life is spent praying, reading, sightseeing and thinking deep thoughts. I finished reading the Book of Mormon ahead of schedule. Now I’m working on the Doctrine and Covenants. I love having more time for spiritual pursuits.

 My poor kid thought she bought a house in Portland, OR and the bank messed up how they foreclosed on the previous owners. They are now hunting for another house to buy. I think they should get one with a big garden area and a mother-in-law apartment….then I could tend the garden and the kids…and cook for them sometimes 🙂 (Hint….hint…..)

 I have to admit that part of the reason I am sooooooo slow is that I’m avoiding my future. Once I get to Oregon, I have no clue where I am going to live. As long as I am on an adventure, I don’t have to think about mundane things like an apartment 😛

 Too bad I need all sorts of medical stuff. That’s what keeps me tied down to one spot. I need medicines and IVIg and all that. I have gone about 20 days now without supplemental oxygen and I have not used my CPAP since the 14th. How’s that for a miracle? 🙂 Last night I slept amid pistachio orchards. They applied something in the night that made my eyes burn and throat swell up, but USUALLY I am in much better shape out camping than I am in a house 🙂 Ooooops! I meant to buy some eye drops today….maybe later….

 Everywhere I go I meet people who think I’m a delightfully eccentric older woman 😛 It’s fun wearing purple, being happy and being out and about! 🙂