This week was fun….but I sure am worn out! I took my grandson to different parks each day. Sometimes more than one park. 

 Of course the kid loves his mom more than anyone in the whole world, but he cracks me up big time most days 😛 He is 95% sweetness and light when with me. The second he sees his mom he either says NO! and pushes her away or starts whimpering and getting clingy. Luckily Heather doesn’t take it personally.

 Fletcher and I have a blast together 🙂 Portland has (stupid!!) bumps on secondary streets. I suppose they are to slow down traffic, but most zippy little cars zoom right over them. With the RV, it’s a major BUMP! 

 I count to three, get to the bump, put my elbows out like I am flying and then heave myself up in the seat and flop down again. Fletcher thinks that’s pretty darn funny 🙂 If I forget to say BUMP, he helps me out.

We have all sorts of “in jokes”. Whenever I ask him if he’s sleepy or wants to take a nap, he closes his eyes and lets his head fall to the side. He looks like a combo of dead/fast asleep. I assumed this was something he learned a long time ago. His parents claim he has never done it in their presence. He stays motionless a loooooong time, then laughs hysterically 😛 The kid has the most angelic smile ever seen 🙂

I’ve also had the 2 dogs most of the time I have Fletcher. Right now I am on the street in my RV and both dogs are conked out. Heather’s family does not have comfy furniture yet, so the dogs like my space better 😛

The family moved into their new house Wednesday night. FINALLY. A long time to take to move to a house they thought they bought months ago. The last two nights were luxurious for me. I got to park in their rental house driveway and plug into electricity…plus I could takes SHOWERS! Now I’m back on the street.

This week I had a tour of an apartment building with permaculture and other gardens all around it. It’s a cross between private ownership and communal. I filled out an application to live there. All I can afford is a dorm room at $300/month. If I make the cut after my interview next week, I am hoping to supplement my time there with alone time in the RV. I would be sharing a room with 3 other people. One bedroom apartments there go for $625 and up. Today I got the same old $471 monthly disability. It does not stretch very far. Half of that for the next 2 months goes to pay back the RV repairs I just had done.

 When it comes to helping organizations, paperwork and real help, it’s discouraging. I make lots of phone calls and am still going around and around in the same circles.

 Some good news for today….I ordered a new battery for my iBookG4 and it showed up today via Amazon. Less than $15 🙂 The battery has been dead for a very long time. It was a PITA because sometimes the power cord fails to work and when I would turn on the computer, it would shut down and I had a heck of a time getting it to start again. I had to bang on the power supply, poke the on button and sometimes repeat a zillion times. I also ordered a new power supply and cord for less than $7. It should be here next week. What an improvement! 🙂

 I am still getting sicker and weaker. I am going to hope and pray to get into the dorm (or somewhere!) soon so I have an address so I can get medical services. The killer leg cramps have been getting horrific. When the IVIg is working, I forget just how weak, droopy and miserable my body gets without it.