Since early March I have only eaten out twice by myself. I did not know what In N Out Burger was, so went in and splurged $2.30 to find out why the line went around the block :-p

The other time I had been traveling up the coast and REALLY wanted to eat some seafood. I stopped in a tourist town at a place called Mo’s and blew my diet and budget. I had an oyster sandwich, clam chowder, a Marion Berry cobbler with 3 scoops of ice cream for under. $20.

I generally shun restaurant food. BUT, if someone offers to take me out, that’s a whole other matter! ๐Ÿ™‚ Heather took me out a few times.

I try to stay low carb and buy whatever is on sale to eat. The fact that I have not stayed true to low carb 100% of the time since becoming homeless is the biggest reason I am not losing weight now.

PENZEY’S…Fox Pointe Seasoning $4.69

99ยข Only Store…salad mix, 2 lbs red onions, grape tomatoes, 2 red peppers, portabellos, bag of jalapenos, bag of Mexican squash, guacamole $7.92

WALMART..Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, half and half, cream, strawberries, smoked Ham bits, avocados $19.95

THRIFTEE…squash, strawberries, avocados $2.39

WALMART…bottled water, evaporated milk, wraps, hot cocoa mix, eggs $12.90

THRIFTEE…zucchinis, avocados, red peppers $2.41

STATER BROTHERS….pkg sesame crisps $3.79

WALMART…evaporated milk, bottled water $8.49

TRADER JOE’S…yogurt. olive tapenade, lc tortillas, eggplant hummus $10.26

VONS…Truvia, mushrooms, red pepper $8.55

GROCERY DISCOUNT CENTER…media crema, mustard, Mayo $3.69

GROCERY OUTLET…tomatoes, zucchinis, avocados, sour cream, mini peppers, salad mix, coleslaw mix, yogurt, bockwurst $14.91

WALMART….strawberries, blackberries, cocoa powder $9.92

FRED MEYER….raspberries, butter, cremini mushrooms, Smokehouse maple $6.59

SAM’S…rotisserie chicken $6.54

WINCO…cilantro, zucchinis, tomatoes, jalapenos, $1.98

GROCERY OUTLET….smoked pork chops, mushrooms, avocados, strawberries, Ham $9.96

NEW SEASONS…chicken sausage link, cream $1.99

GROCERY OUTLET…avocados, Canadian Bacon, smoked Turkey sausage, red peppers, cheese $7.75

TRADER JOE’S… half and half, mushrooms, cocoa powder, coconut oil $11.86

WALMART…evaporated milk, bag of jalapenos, bottled water $10.95

GROCERY OUTLET…onions, peppers, smoked sausage, avocados, yogurt$10.47

WINCO…salsa, pastrami, smoked Turkey, hot dogs, broccoli slaw, bottled water $10.78

I regret I do not have the patience to type in numbers for quantities and individual prices. You would be amazed at the deals ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s hard to do numbers AND letters on the cellphone. I am amazed I did this much!

Total food…$188.74