I recently started eating low carb wraps and tortillas. They are very convenient for quick, no cook meals. Most of the time on low carb, I avoided grains.I suspect they have a lot to do with my weight loss stall, but quite frankly I don’t care at this time.

I will get out a wrap or tortilla and use whatever is cheap and handy to fill it. My favorites are…some sort of deli meat or rotisserie chicken or pulled pork with one or more of these added…salad mix, coleslaw mix, Mayo, mustard, olive tapenade, eggplant hummus, cheese, tomatoes, pepper slices, avocados or who knows what :-p

I also buy low carb seasame crisps and eat one with peanut butter or cream cheese with sugar free jam.

If it’s cold in the RV, I like to use a tortilla and fry up a quessadilla with cheese, cilantro and maybe add tomato or salsa, perhaps an avocado or a bit of meat.

Condiments. I found the little tubs of ranch dressing for 15¢ each. Handy!

I love salads. I start out with a base of lettuce mix or bagged coleslaw and add anything you can imagine 🙂

Sometimes I make salads or wraps with salmon or tuna from a pouch…or splurge and buy frozen salad shrimp.