Gee..it’s quite overcast. I’m sitting in Liberty Park wondering where to go for the next 3 nights before church.

I found an apartment and jumped through the hoops. I went to Social Security and I applied for food and medical.

If nothing bad happens between now and then, I move in sometime in mid August. Wow! I hope it’s for real.

I forgot Utah is in high elevations even in the valley. My campsite the last 4 nights was at 7500 feet. By this morning I was struggling to breathe. It’s easier down here, but the temp is in the 90’s.

OK….now where shall I go? I have about a month to camp out…but I need to be not too far away to access agencies between now and then. I wish I could just disappear for a month and show up when the apartment is ready!

Good news/confusing news. I guess I will sit here and try to figure out where to go…..