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Unless you have been through what I have, where I have and for as long as I have, you probably don’t understand.

In several places folks talk about weather or finances or disability or domestic issues. Most people find it hard to deal with one or two issues at a time. Sometimes I feel buried in issues!

As I have said before, being disabled is a biggie. That affects everything from how a person is perceived to financial quality of life to all sorts of ways a person is able to choose…or NOT…what happens to them.

I know I am blessed to be from this country. I would be long dead without the lifesaving medical care I have received over the years. My life is truly a miracle.

On one hand I am grateful to be alive…other times I am in the depths of despair. When some people see how I walk, they judge me harshly. I cannot tell you how many bazillion times I have heard people saying I must be drunk or high. When I am in a wheelchair I feel invisible or pitied or despised.

When talking about my limited finances for RV repair, gas, camping, etc…some folks say very unkind things.

You know…some days I hold my head up high and feel I have done pretty darn well considering the cards I have been dealt. Other days I just wish the world would quit picking on me. I can take just so much bullying and criticism and nasty looks.

What’s sad is to think there are people out there worse off than me 😦

The best thing in my life is my faith in God. I am very perseverant. I rarely just give up. I have a pity party, pull myself back together and go on.

As I have said many, many times…people either seem to REALLY like me or REALLY hate me…with not a whole lot in the middle.

I just spent a few hours in a beautiful place. The fact that I am here shows how blessed I am 🙂

I hope people have learned things from me. I hope my struggles have raised some awareness.

I recently finished a second good book by Lance Richardson called Masquerading as Angels. Before he left on his service trip, he very much looked down on homeless and/or poor people. While out and about, his attitudes changed.

I have seen soooooooooo much pain out there in the world this year. I think it’s important we each go beyond our own comfort zones to understand and reach out to our fellow brothers and sisters. Sometimes a smile or a kind word can make all the difference and be more valuable than temporal riches…although they are nice sometimes, too.

If you are a Christian, I challenge you to think deeply about what sort of a man Jesus was while walking this earth. We should be trying to emulate him. There are people out there who need earthly angels. You will be greatly blessed when you fill that role.

I have seen some of the best and worst of human nature. I know whose camp I want to be counted in. Life is one long learning experience, huh?

May God bless and keep you close.