I don’t know what to think…and it’s getting a lot harder to think.

I have been feeling yuckier each day…not exactly a new concept for me.

I need several medical treatments that I am not getting right now, so that sure doesn’t help.

Each day I swell up and each night I have to get up many times with a full bladder.

My oxygen saturation also has been going down each day. Now it won’t even go above 90 unless I breathe rapidly…but even when it goes up, I relax and it plummets.

I know high altitudes are tough on me. Right now I am at about 8000 feet. Back when I had full-blown CHF I could barely breathe or lift my feet at this altitude.

When I woke up this morning I felt extra woozy. When I stood up, I collapsed. My neighbors at the campground have had a 24/7 smoky fire going, so I blamed it on that.

I decided to drive up the road to trailhead parking, but by 8:30. AM, it was already full and overflowing. I kept going till I got to Sunbird ski area. I got scared driving because of my weakness and shakiness.

Figured maybe I just needed to eat…so I cooked breakfast. When I sat down my hand was tremoring so bad that food was falling off my fork…and I was too tired to lift my arm and chew. It took me a looooong time to finish breakfast.

At first it was wicked hard to type, but by using just my thumb and barely moving my hand, I am managing. The rest of the weakness is still with me. Food and rest aren’t helping. I took my meds and even Mestinon is not making me stronger.

ACK!!!! Only tonight paid for, then I will go down the canyon and to church. It’s 70’s and breezy up here and supposed to be 100 degrees in SLC. I can just imagine being this weak, then being that hot. I would end up in the hospital for sure.

At this point I am afraid to be this high up and afraid to drive down. I hate dilemmas! All this is making me look forward to my air conditioned city apartment more than I ever imagined!