I missed the RV. After a long nap Sunday afternoon and evening, I was cold from the air conditioning. I came out here into the silky night air.

I ran into the same woman I talked to as I did laundry at midnight the night before. She guessed I must have MS…I told her she was close…MG. She knew about myasthenia gravis! That makes a whole string of people lately. Geeze…my new doc has never had a patient with it. Says he has only seen it in textbooks and training films.

I am still feeling extra yucky….weak, feverish, snotty, queasy, etc. Quite the headache and stiff neck. And that reminds me…Ingrid, I put you friend with meningitis on the temple prayer roll.

Like I keep saying, I hope my yuckiness is from the heat, moving and the chemical smells from living inside. I hope it’s nothing “new”.

All the cars in the parking lot seem to be covered in a fine dust and pollen combo. I am also not the only one sneezing. Aren’t allergies fun?  Ohhhh… cool! It just started raining. That should help.

My new church ward is full of nice people. It’s 3 stories tall but has an elevator that is centrally located. No long hikes like in the Portland ward 🙂

Yikes! Thunder and lightning! Guess I will go back to my apartment now….