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I still feel yucky. I love taking my Zofran, though! It makes the queasiness bearable. BUT…I was noticing how tired I am and how bloated my belly is. I Googled Zofran side effects. Most of them I had before I ever ingested the first pill…but I think I now know where the bloating and need for naps came from!

This time I woke up in the middle of the night from more cramps in my legs…but from the first bit of awareness it was my guts that REALLY woke me up. My belly was hard and distended….and then it started moving around as if someone was in there and kicking to get out :- o That had me wide awake! Sigh…

I keep going between feverish with weird, prickly sweats and then cold, covered in goosebumps and shivering. Soooo much fun!

OK…here is the good news. Today I got a few pieces of furniture and tomorrow I get more πŸ™‚ The bad news is that someone ran off with my saved box springs so I am still on the floor. They should be in stock again on Tuesday.

Next week I have several appointments. Sure would be nice if a doc could figure out what is making me so miserable! It’s very weird how I can feel almost OK for a few hours, then plunge back into agony, then be sort of OK again.

Apparently I am worrying many residents here. I keep being taken aside to ask why I don’t have a wheelchair. Lots of folks think I am about to fall. Finally an old guy named Sam told me it pained him to see me walk. Other people gathered around to say I look like I am in a lot of pain. Sigh….I thought I was hiding it…..