Went to church and during sacrament meeting I started to feel wicked bad queasy, so dissolved a Zofran in my mouth. That helped.

By Sunday school I could hardly keep my eyes open. During Relief Society I was in agony. My head hurt really bad 😦 I turned very bright red. I made it to the end and thought I could escape without embarrassment. Then a sister got all concerned about how I looked and how I was walking. I dissolved into tears. I wish I wouldn’t do that!!! Dang. Sympathy turns me to mush. Sigh….

Came home and slept for hours. I still feel icky. This is getting old. Two doc appointments coming up this week….

I got 2 big packets of medical records and info. I never realized they found so much wrong with me in the ER. That was depressing to read! Maybe another ti:me I will list it all.

Not much energy tonight and I am about to go hunt down another Zofran. I’d go nuts without them! Sooooooo queasy…..

Thanks for all the nice comments. My angels seen and unseen and publicly or privately praised are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! You know who you are 🙂