It looks better but feels worse. What’s up with that? In church my eye was most or all the way closed. Light hurt. I only lasted through sacrament meeting.

I was too stuffed up and drippy to use my portable oxygen. Each time I put the cannula in my nostrils, the drips increased. I also quickly realized I could only breathe through my mouth. I gave up on my bottled oxygen.

I don’t think the chapel was particularly bright, but it was torture. The more light, the more my eyelid drooped and the more my nose dripped. Allergic to light???

Driving home was tough in the heat and light. As soon as I came into the apartment I closed the blinds. But…even if I look towards the closed blinds, the brightness provokes eye closing and nose dripping. Light pierces into my skull and hurts!

I am going to ask the doctor to shoot me tomorrow.