Today I went to see my original PCP…the first doc I ever saw in Utah. I saw him before I realized I was extra sick. At that point I was thinking I just needed IVIg and oxygen to be back to my “normal”.

The next time I went back to that office was when I got the idiot PA woman who told me I just needed to eat better, do aquatic aerobics and enroll in a Pilates class. I still feel like punching her out!!! BUT…I have to give her credit for thinking to test my urine. She only did that because I got so mad at her :-p

I asked the doc if she had been right about how bad off I was. He looked concerned once he located the results on the computer. He said I was beyond severe dehydration….and should have been in the hospital.

It was hard for me to remember all that has transpired since my last visit with him. He had not been sent any info about my ER visits or extensive blood and other tests.

I told him about the 2 positive and one negative West Nile Virus tests. We discussed how every one of my symptoms is listed as a consequence of WNV…such as my tremor, the headaches, photophobia, swollen lymphs, pancreatitis, worse arthritis, conjunctivitis, etc.

When he saw how high my lipase was, he got REALLY mad! He said I should have been hospitalized.

All in all, it was an interesting visit. He is the doc who got me my oxygen and the wheelchair. He thought I should have been hospitalized, but did not have a clue what to do for me now. He was going to study up about WNV and think about what’s next. I very much appreciated his candor.

The doc I saw yesterday is much more of a specialist and is more technically savvy since he is an internist. I like having them both…for much different reasons.

Sigh…I still feel like the hot potato being tossed around. Each thinks the other is not doing enough for me…and each does not want me to land at their feet.