I loathe automatic blood pressure machines. In the ER they hurt me so bad that I almost always end up ripping them off my arm. Then, invariably the nurse standing there watching me gets all pissy.

Yesterday I was relieved when the nurse used a good old fashioned BP cuff on me that she pumped up by hand. But then she did it twice. Sigh…no person or machine ever believes they got the correct reading. I was 90/60. My heartbeat was 56. Maybe that’s why I move at the speed of a sloth?

I have been going over paperwork this morning. The internist says I have WNV, pancreatitis, migratory polyarthritis, generalized osteoarthritis of multiple sites, generalized hyperhydrosis and cholelithiasis. It puts a smirk on my face to see the correct medical terms instead of commonly used words. Sounds more mysterious.

I got some really good advice from a woman who has been dealing with West Nile Virus for many years. She told me the doc is in my corner and the health department is all about statistics.

More and more I am thinking there is a concerted effort to stop me from being an official Utah statistic. If I am not hospitalized and despite repeated positive WNV tests, it is not confirmed by the health department, I don’t exist. I am finding other people who have been treated the same way. Call me cynical. I got the mosquito bites near areas frequented by tourists. The financial implications to the ski areas nearby could be substantial. They depend on outdoor events for their summer cash flow. If I end up in a dumpster now, you will know why. I am an inconvenient truth.

I am going through a particularly cynical phase in my life…on several fronts. Part of it could be the trauma to my brain from this sickness…but part is just plain deserved. There sure is a lot of shoddy, shady stuff going on.