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I fell asleep for a few hours, but as usual woke up sweaty and in pain. I also look like a bulldog. My left jowl hurts like heck.

The doctor said I should go to urgent care when it gets like this in the night. Now I wish I had gone the moment I woke up. It’s still plenty swollen but is most impressive each time I wake up.

It feels ropey inside my cheek. Near my gums feels like tree roots, then it goes up like a twisted rope. There are nodules in my cheek of varying sizes. Each day it hurts more. Why didn’t the doctor know what is was? Should I go to urgent care or a dentist? I have no dental benefits with my insurance…..but can be seen for a dental infection.

How can so many parts of my body go nuts all at once? I told the doc it feels like a madman is sitting in front of a giant control panel of all my systems…and then randomly pulls switches and pushes buttons just to see what happens.

Ouch 😦

I have 3 pages of urgent care places. I am going to pick a couple and be ready to act next time I wake up in misery. Hopefully the Motrin I just took is kicking in right now.

OK…back to my regularly scheduled stupor……