WOW!! That was a big conference with 22 stake presidents on the stand. Out of the 22 stakes attending, many wards and branches speak all sorts of languages. I could see a monitor with sign language and one with subtitles.

The coolest thing for me? One of the 12 Apostles was presiding. I have seen L. Tom Perry on TV, but I was pretty psyched to be in the same building with him. He said he was almost 90 years old.

It was an inspiring collection of speakers, hymns and prayers. I am glad I left an hour early even though we only live about 10 blocks away. It took a long time to park and a REALLY long time for me to gimp over with my walker while leading a blind guy.

Leaving was the worst. Thousands of people come pouring out of the building, heading for their cars…all at once. The gridlock took awhile to get out of. Now that I have gotten my first taste of a real live crowd of LDS folks, I would love to go to a session of General Conference! That is saying a lot as I usually abhor masses of humanity in one spot. I don’t go to movies or concerts.

For lunch, I had stuff cooking away in the crockpot so it would be done when we got back. It was chicken, cream of chicken soup, potatoes, carrots and onions with seasonings.


Basket with handle is full of the remaining apples. Foreground is a basket of pears. Friends of ours grew them!

Rhett took a nap while I tackled apples. I think I must have peeled and sliced over 5 pounds of them to fill a glass baking dish. I made apple crisp. That woke Rhett up. For supper he had chicken divan. We both had some Utah corn.

I was given some placemats for the table. They look great. 🙂

I had a weird Epiphany today. Well…every day, really. I suddenly realized I live in Salt Lake City and my best friend from the University of Montana is a doctor here! I cannot wait to look her up! Not a day goes by that I can’t remember where I live at some point. Sigh….