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This morning Rhett had to be at the lab for a blood test. His INR finally went up a little…from 1.1 to 1.3. Now I have to double his warfarin and keep giving him 2 shots a day of Lovenox. We go back to the doc for him on Thursday.

Rhett has the opposite problem as me. He feels very little pain. Sounds good at first, but it means he has to be watched carefully. The blood clot, the infections, etc. don’t phase him. If it were up to Rhett, this whole thing would be ignored.

Now the tricky part…it’s up to me to watch for signs of the clot moving or another one forming. The last few nights Rhett has been breathing funny while he is asleep. It’s as if he just developed sleep apnea. He has episodes where he stops breathing and other times his breathing is so shallow that it’s imperceptible. He has also been falling asleep sitting upright in the day…or quickly jumps in bed and snoozes for hours. The doc is worried that this MIGHT mean a blood clot in the lungs. If he starts coughing or has chest pain, I am supposed to get him to the ER quickly. That’s a lot of pressure and responsibility on my part 😮

I took a two hour nap this afternoon and Rhett was still alive when I woke up 🙂

After the doc appointment we went to the LDS Distribution Center headquarters. Wow! What a fun place to look around. I bought a few temple posters for the walls.

Then I stopped at Deseret Industries. New stuff is put out all day, every day. Today I got 2 lamps and a quesadilla maker. I make lots of quesadillas, so finding an almost new machine for $4 was a treat. We both agreed it made a good lunch, too 🙂