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I have a constant struggle between not enough and too much water

Thursday Rhett needed another blood test. FINALLY he has gotten into the target range for keeping away new clotting, thanks to Lovenox shots and warfarin pills. I sure have given him a lot of shots to get to this point. Hopefully I just gave him the LAST shot.

The next hurdle is to find the sweet spot of an INR between 2 and 3, and maintain that. This was the first week with only 2 trips to the lab. I am looking forward to the day we get to the promised once a month test.

On the way to and from the lab, I realized my belly now makes contact with the steering wheel 😮 Bummer! Part of that is edema, but part is new fat. I really need to make a doctor appointment to talk about the really painful edema I now have. I doubt it’s an exaggeration to say I have an extra gallon in each leg and more than that in my abdomen.

Ever since coming down with WNV, edema has been plaguing me like the old days. I had forgotten how much that hurts!

I also need to have blood tests that will tell how my pancreas is doing and if there will be long term repercussions after pancreatitis.

I want to talk to the doc about the new pain and disability levels with my arthritis. I doubt it has ever been this bad for me. He wants me to take meds for it. I just want it to go away. I probably am going to have to give in to meds. I HATE pharmaceuticals!!!! Avoiding as many of them as possible has been my goal. My body has always been the one that gets most every unpleasant and even life-threatening side effect. Like I said….I seem to be from some other planet. Sigh…

I have to give the medical salesman credit. Today he came back and slipped papers under my door about food combining for alkalinity, the evils of MSG, the benefits of lemon and there was a 2 page fact sheet about West Nile Virus. I remain cynical about the alkalinity stuff, but am still studying. Do any of you have experience with this concept? Do you know anyone who it has helped?

I keep struggling with the idea of giving up the RV. I know it’s not practical to keep…but I wish I could. Heck, it’s crazy to try to own a vehicle at all with rent so high. Now that there are 2 of us, there is a little more wiggle room in the budget, but most “leftover” money needs to go for food.

Some days I can’t wait to sell the RV and other days it bums me out. I really need a van that can carry a wheelchair…or to give up having a vehicle. I cannot fathom how to go to all our appointments via public transportation. Just getting places would become a full-time endeavor. So much hinges on me taking possession of the wheelchair. The medical goods company just keeps repeating “another week or two”.

I am grateful to have the walker for now. But I can barely get around. You should see how bad the tremors get by each afternoon 😦 I was already wimpy and WNV has put me into a new category. I don’t want to be an invalid! Even the label says I am not valid. It sucks to lose function. I guess I will go down bitching and moaning and kicking and screaming. Sometimes I wonder what keeps me from just giving up and facing the “inevitable”. Sigh….