I had never heard of or seen a GT Express 101. I thought it looked cool, though 😉 It was brand new…still had the plastic protector over the electrical prongs. I figured it was worth $5.

Imagine my surprise when I Googled it and found whole blogs about the darned things! COOL 🙂 Since I rarely watch TV, I had no idea these were famous from infomercials.

At the NPS warehouse the other day, I bought 2 muffin mixes for 50¢ each. Turns out the machine makes 2 big muffins from one of those mixes.

I had them baked in 8 minutes! Oooohhhh…..bad food, quick :-p

I see I can cook all sorts of yummy things with this little machine. I am psyched to try omelets.

It’s dangerous for me to live within sight of a Deseret Industries!!!!!