The company providing my wheelchair kept saying it was a done deal, but I had to wait. Then yesterday when I called, the guy said I had been denied.

He gave me a bunch of BS, so I called the insurance company and talked to the secretary of the woman who denied my claim.

She says it’s because the wheelchair provider did not complete and send back all the paperwork.

I suspect both parties are passing the buck. I was given all sorts of paperwork scavenger hunt ideas to kickstart the process, thanks to the insurance company. I guess they want to see how bad I want a wheelchair.

What I want is a caseworker to help Rhett and I jump through the zillion bajillion hoops each agency has us jump through. Being this sick, I have very little energy or brain power. I am sure I am forgetting more than I am remembering, despite copious notes.

I have a diabetes testing meter given to me by the visiting nurse. Insurance won’t pay for that brand of strips. The doc gave me a new script for meter, strips and lancets. The pharmacy did not have the approved meter in stock, but sold me the strips and lancets for my $3 copay, each. Went to pick up the meter and it’s not covered. Wow. That will have to wait for November.

I just want to feel better…yesterday…..