I did not sleep well last night and only had a short, fitful nap this afternoon. My guts hurt, I have been very sweaty and my leg is RED. Even grosser? The red part is oozing something sticky. Eeeewwww!

I turned my head sideways while pulling down the blinds and the dizziness is feeling more and more like it wants to be vertigo. Ugh….makes me sooooo queasy.

I did things like vacuum, fed Rhett, got the mail and washed dishes. I even went through my box of paperwork and straightened it out.

While glancing at hospital tests from when I was in the ER, I noticed one line by itself saying I have hepatomegaly. I don’t think I saw that before and I don’t remember any doc saying so. Back when the test was done, I told the ER doc that my liver was swollen and he scoffed at me. I know when it is because my bottom ribs hurt. Jerks.

Most of the day I followed Sandy news. I keep being thankful I am not near that mess!

I would like to take my WNV and throw it in a bubbling volcano or into the eye of a hurricane. Grrrr….