This morning Rhett’s INR jumped to 3.7. His blood frustrates me! Last week it plunged and this week it skyrocketed. Now we have to go back to the lab on Monday. Sigh…it’s going to get more complicated when he is in blind school.


Each time we go to the lab, we pass a barber shop that advertises $6 haircuts. We FINALLY found a way to park there today. It took the barber a looooong time to get all the wool off him. Just like Sampson, Rhett lost his strength and is in snoozing.

I walked out to get the mail and the three women by the PO boxes were staring at my leg and one was shaking her head. We then had a discussion about all our collective owies.


I came home and took pics. I would need someone else to take a pic at another angle to see just what a huge difference there is in size between the red and white parts of my leg.


I told the onlookers that I was coming to the Halloween party as a gimpy old woman and Rhett as a well coiffed blind guy. Yup scary :-p