I have been having trouble swallowing lately. Sometimes it is MG weakness where my tongue and neck are so fatigued that it’s almost as if I forget how to swallow. More often than not, I then choke.

Another weird thing, that I keep forgetting what it is…all of the sudden when I swallow, it feels like a double ended sharp knife going down sideways. That one is extremely distressing as it happens, but then the pain is gone.

Lately I am having a new one. An example is what just happened. I have not had breakfast, did not want to eat, but had to put something in my stomach so I could take my morning meds.

I nuked a piece of my homemade bread for 30 seconds and then buttered it. It was not hot. The second I put it in my mouth, the entire lining of my mouth got sore and bumps popped out. Ten minutes later it’s as if it never happened, except for a lingering soreness in my throat and tongue. What the heck is that? I would never want to eat again if that kept happening!

Yesterday at the doctor’s, the scale says I’m losing weight. It would be hard not to with my gut distress lately.

I am feeling bombarded with new and ever scarier symptoms. Yesterday scared the beejeepers out of me!!!!!