My latest crop of bruises are fading and so is the peg leg redness. Bag balm is doing a very good job of healing what it can.

I just looked at the post from November 14th with disturbing pictures. I have come a long way since then! 🙂

It still hurts like heck 24/7 and it still has water filled blister thingies. I hope the dermatologist visit tomorrow is helpful.

The weird mouth thing is still going on. I was afraid to eat more yesterday! After 4 PM, I gingerly tried munching on the leftover party mix chips in Rhett’s lunch while he had his blood tested. Nothing happened.

Then in the evening, I had a couple handfuls of a nut, fruit, chocolate chip mix. Nothing weird happened. I never ate any “real” food all day as I was too queasy.

I figured the morning thing was just some random, transient problem. Then I brushed my teeth and the soreness and bumps were even worse than while eating the bread and butter. What the heck???


I love my Vermont made bag balm 🙂 Too bad there’s not something like that for mouths…or is there?