I am leaving for Oregon soon. Rhett has never been left alone here for more than 3 or 4 hours. He has no idea where food is kept or how to cook it. He has never opened the fridge or used the microwave.

Rhett has also never taken public transportation here. He just got a card for paratransit. I spent 45 minutes with the dispatcher/scheduler to work out the details of where Rhett meets the bus and what times so he can go to school.

Since living with me, Rhett has never picked out his own clothes or gotten fully dressed on his own. He has never cooked his own breakfast or packed his own lunch.

Rhett does not discriminate between clean clothes and those covered in guacamole. A generous guess is that he has put 5% of his laundry in the hamper on his own.

He does not know how to control the thermostat. If Rhett puts something down, it’s lost to him forever…unless he accidentally bumps into it. He regularly loses his lunch and backpack at home and at school. He has lost things in every classroom.

Rhett has still never made it from apartment to front door on his own. I have a very short time to try to teach him these things. This is like leaving a four year old at home and going on a trip. I am starting to panic in a big way!

Most of this week they dithered back and forth if Rhett could stay at the school’s dorms. Then they said no. PANIC!

Rhett also cannot be trusted with medications. He forgets and takes double or none. Not good with blood thinners 😮

I could go on and on and on….I am turning into a nervous wreck.

Today Rhett had an appointment with the lymphedema specialist at 7 AM. They used permanent marker on his leg that I am supposed to go back over with new marks every few days. They are going to try to shrink down the swelling and then get him properly fitting compression gear.

Then he had an echocardiogram after noon. In between we went to the grand opening of the first Trader Joe’s in Utah. They had a marimba band playing and we both got lei-ed :-p

I found a fantastic deal to get Rhett an unlimited talk phone for $25/month and the phone cost $9.99. Now to figure out how to make the voice commands work! On the way back out to the RV, Rhett tripped over yet another concrete bumper thingy for parking spots. He took those long heart-stopping running steps, spun around and started to do a header, but hit his ribs into the RV 😮 When he took off his shirt for the echocardiogram, it was bloody 😦 Tonight the booboo hurts.

After the echocardiogram we got 2 Arby’s roast beef sandwiches for a total of $3 with a coupon, I got quarters for washing and then stopped for an exactly $22 oil change. As soon as we got home, the oxygen supplier delivered my airplane approved oxygen concentrator.

I am quite frazzled. Blessedly my leg waited until things calmed down to start hurting bad. I found out this afternoon that I got the sought-after referral for me to go to the lymphedema clinic. YES! Now I hope insurance will say yes to the light therapy and fancy wheelchair.