An extended family showed up on our doorstep bearing a tin of candies, a Christmas tree, ornaments and 3 kids. That’s 2 grandparents, 2 parents and their 3 children. What fun!


They all sang. The middle girl played the keyboard. The oldest girl strummed a guitar. Dad, Grampa and I listened intently. Grandma and Rhett sometimes joined in the singing. Mom was always there to guide and encourage.


It’s looking mighty Christmasy with both a tree and a jar of sparkling potpourri. They brought tiny little ornaments to go on the tree 😉 I like the snowman tin!


Mmmmmm…look what’s inside. Homemade caramels and rocky road fudge 🙂

What a fun evening! The girls were sooooo brave to come sing and play music! They were also extremely cute 🙂

Rhett entertained them by singing his shopping cart song, reciting a poem he wrote and he showed them how to write Braille and do the alphabet in sign language.

A good time was had by all 🙂