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The Utah food bank brings monthly boxes of food for most of the residents here. It must be on a calendar somewhere, but each time is a surprise to me.

After Rhett went to school this morning I very slowly rolled and shuffled my way out to the dumpster with a bag of garbage. When I came in, I found the tell-tale line of shopping carts in the community room. Good timing 🙂

I was down to 2 eggs…and there was a dozen in my share. We also got 2 pounds of cheese this month. The boxes get skimpier each month. This time just a couple of soups and only 4 packets of oatmeal instead of a big bag.

Hopefully there will be some goodies on the free table later. I put my 2 cans of cut green beans on the table. I’d rather starve to death than eat those :-p

I sure do miss eating my yummy home-grown organic vegetables!

I feel horrible today. My guts are unhappy from head to toe. I am weaker than I have been in awhile. I don’t know if there’s rhyme or reason for it. Just got up from a three and a half hour nap. If my guts hadn’t woken me up, I would still be snoozing. I am exhausted.

I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet this month. I was waiting to see what our plans are for school break. I am too weak and tired for shopping. Yesterday I went to the DI a block from my house for about a half hour. I drove…but just walking in the store was too much.

I don’t think I mentioned my “new” walker. It’s taller, heavier duty and is rated for 50 pounds more than the one I had. Two different women asked me to trade walkers with them! 🙂 They wanted a smaller one. Now we are both happy. I no longer bend over when I walk with this one.

I sure wish I had a wheelchair. Being this weak sucks! No word since the last evaluation was turned in.

For good news…my black eye, purple breast and skinned knee are fading after hitting the floor at my daughter’s house.

Geeze…I miss Heather, Fletcher and Porter!!!!!!!!!!