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I woke up to take meds. I found Rhett on the living room couch, asleep in what to me, would be an impossibly uncomfortable position. His head was about two-thirds up the couch and his feet were way up on the arm rest. He said his leg had been bothering him and ‘felt funny”.

Not much to check out since his leg is still wrapped from foot to knee. Today is the day he finally gets it off…and switches to compression stockings.

Well. I ate my usual nightly apple so I could take drugs and Rhett decided that he would have some seven layer bars. As he sat at the table munching, he asked if I had ever posted a recipe for them on my blog. I said I doubted it, because everybody knows how to make them. He insists he never ate them until he met me.

First Rhett decided he is going to rename them Yums…because it’s easier to say and describes them better. He spent a good 20 minutes trying to convince me you all NEEDED the recipe. I agreed so he would leave me be :-p

Of course he now has another name for them. ADDS…Addicting Diet Destroying Squares. Snicker…

I never make them the same twice. In a 9×13″ glass pan, I melt one stick of butter in the preheating oven. While the butter is doing its thing, I take a hammer to a third or half of a box of graham crackers, depending how many sleeves come in the box.

When the butter is melted, I sprinkle the crumbs on top. I prefer pecans, so roughly chop a cup to sprinkle over the crumbs. This time I put a package of chocolate chips and a package of Heath Bar bits on next. Last time I used a cup each of peanut butter chips, white and semi-sweet chocolate chips. The time before that I used chocolate and butterscotch chips. Next is a cup or more of coconut. This is evenly drizzled with a can of sweetened condensed milk….except this time I didn’t have any. I found a substitute on the internet.

To replace sweetened condensed milk, mix up 2 eggs, 1 cup brown sugar, 2 Tbsp flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/4 tsp salt. I didn’t have brown sugar, so used a cup of sugar with at least a tablespoon of molasses. That gets poured over the bars. Bake at 350° for 25 minutes.

There, now Rhett is happy that I told you :-p