My eyes are drooping from MG, my cheeks are rashy from lupus and I look way older lately from so much illness and stress.

I wanted to spend the day doing as little as possible. Ha!!! The universe is still laughing.

At some point after noon I realized Rhett’s second cellphone bill was due. This month I had commited to paying through the store we got the phone at. From now on the monthly charge for unlimited telephone is $27.33. That’s $25 plus taxes. Waaaaay better than the stupid Verizon phone he had!

As long as I was there I needed to pick up my meds at the nearby pharmacy. Then I went to Trader Joe’s to get my $2 overcharge back. Since I was on a roll, we also went to the NPS store.

Back on the 13th at the NPS store, I was charged for 36 bags of candy instead of 6. Each bag was 39¢. The total refunds came to $12.26. Then the manager or owner or someone like that came over and gave me a $10 gift certificate to make up for their mistake. Decent! An entire cart of food only cost around $8 out of pocket. Great haul 🙂

The whole expedition was too much for me. I was again sooooooo weak! After I put away the groceries, I have mostly just sat here trying to recover. Everything hurts.

At this moment, nothing is horrible. The leg and head are bearable…sort of. That’s a good thing, right?