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Each time I get into bed, I am acutely aware of how small a full sized mattress is for two large people. Almost every time I wake up, Rhett is lying on some body part…usually my right arm and shoulder.


Ever since West Nile Virus, my right shoulder has hurt. Sometimes it’s excruciating. There is no way to position myself that takes the pain away. Having a big guy squish it is not helping. I long for a nice big bed…or maybe, gasp…two beds.


I never ever get enough quality sleep. Much of the night, part of me is hanging off in space. Men are like cats and dogs…they expand to take up all available flat space. It’s amazing to me how creatures in bed feel like giant octopi, at least 8 arms/legs going every which way.


Ha ha ha…just found this English article Ten reasons why you need a bigger bed