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Deseret Industries is open Monday from 10 to 3. I hope we can find a suitable recliner….then figure out a way to get it home. The space is now cleared and waiting!

Not having enough room to sleep has made me crazy. I thought and thought about how to get or make another bed. Then I realized I might have the raw materials on hand!

I measured and moved most everything. I slid together the patterned chairs. I took the 2 foam pieces off the big bed and stacked them on the chairs. I put the ottoman where my feet go. I put a sheet over the whole conglomeration.


Now there are two beds. Maybe someday we can get one big one?

I think I would like a piece of plywood across the two chairs, the width of the foam. Now I also need to get a full sized piece of foam for the bigger bed.

Tonight I will try it out for comfiness. Rhett will miss me. I am hoping for some decent sleep tonight. Please….