I slept much better last night and for a 3 hour nap this afternoon 🙂 But…I feel yucky.

Yesterday I had ringing in my ears most of the day. Sometimes it was so loud that other noises were drowned out! Today there is less noise, but even more pain. Once again, I am back to all the roots of my teeth on the left side hurting. My cheek and eyebrow are throbbing. There is pressure in my skull on the left side.

Reading about Hilary Clinton made me worried. What if that’s happening to me? Several people have suggested it. Along with those stories is talk of Nixon and his phlebitis. I had that for the first time more than 30 years ago. Blood clotting has been a problem for me most of my adult life. Sigh…

I was super dizzy yesterday. I knew I was being an idiot by moving furniture, but I was desperate for sleep. That got me sweating and I sweated like crazy all night and most of today. I am sooooo tired of all my symptoms coming and going! But I am thankful for the reprieve when they go!!!

I got all ready to go to DI to buy a recliner, got Rhett dressed and out to the RV. Then he refused to get out at DI. An hour or two later he said he didn’t know why he did that, and could we go back? Ummmmm….NO.

I get more alarmed each day by some of his behaviors. I need to get him an appointment with a good neurologist who specializes in traumatic brain injury. He has been having more frequent and stronger hand tremors. Sometimes things he does or says are totally off the wall. His stuff happens in cycles, too. Very worrisome 😦


Well…January 1st is Rhett’s birthday. The week after is mine. Rhett has decided that he wants to eat Greek food for his birthday. Mmmmmmm……