Rhett wanted to eat Greek food, but I couldn’t find a Greek restaurant that was open. After much online searching and making phone calls, we just decided to drive around and see what was open. It quickly became apparent that all the Chinese places were hopping.

I headed down State Street towards the humongous buffet place, but saw a new one open on the way. We stopped at Chinatown Buffet. The price was right…with tax it was $17.23 for 2 buffets, and that included unlimited drinks.

Rhett had mostly seafood. My first plate was steamed buns, shu mai, egg rolls, crab Rangoon and dumplings. The second was egg foo young, fried rice and steamed clams. For dessert I had fried plantains, sesame balls, flan, a fried biscuit and some chocolate ice cream. I am QUITE full!

I tried to get Rhett some shell-covered pine nuts at Ream’s, but there weren’t any, so he got his second favorite…honey roasted peanuts.

I felt like crap all morning and so far tonight. Sooooooo tired and sore and sweaty. I woke up with killer ankle cramps. My hands keep spazing out, too. Ouch.

It was embarrassing at Ream’s. A teen followed me out to drive the wheelchair back in. When I got up, I was tremoring so much that the kid’s eyes bugged out. Then I wobbled and gimped into the driver’s seat. I could tell he was wondering if I were drunk or something. Sigh….

For my birthday we will try to eat Greek food, since Rhett really wants some.