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I am back to living on Zofran. I am incredibly nauseous. The need for it started slow last week and has escalated. Really…I feel just like I am getting West Nile Virus all over again!

I have had many relapses, but this one is the worst 😦  I tried to get an appointment with my doctor. The receptionist said someone would call back, but nobody did. If I am still this sick over the weekend and nobody calls, I am going to the ER.

Then there’s Rhett. He rarely has pain or feels “weird”. Today he kept having chest pains followed by wooziness and spaciness. Oh, oh.

One reason I wanted my own bed is because of the intense thrashing around, gutteral sounds he makes and weird breathing. Rhett has put on a heck of a lot of weight…and it’s all in a big belly. Not good. I also think something physical is happening that is fueling his odd behavior lately.

I feel overwhelmed by all the things that need doing! Rhett needs to trade too small undergarments for bigger ones, he needs to trade thigh high compression stockings for knee highs, he needs new Paratransit bus tickets for when school starts again on Monday, he is 2 days late for a blood test, the sole of his sneaker has pulled half way off, he has no winter boots and I have to do laundry before he goes back to school. In 2 weeks he has a sleep apnea appointment and the lymphedema specialist said he will need Rhett back in a week or so.

ACK!!!! I have no strength or energy to take care of myself, let alone meet Rhett’s needs. He refused to put his compression stockings on today and I can already see veins popping out.

Once again, I am getting to the end of my mental and physical rope. I guess the horrid headaches I am having are migraines. I have to hide from light and sounds. It feels like my ears are bleeding from pain…but they’re not. I sleep more often than I am awake. I am too weak to go anywhere but the bathroom. I feel sick from head to toe. Can you tell I am also extra cranky???

I need a rent-a-mother or rent-a-wife. I want a fairy godmother to fly in, help and make everything alright. Sigh….

All of my autoimmune diseases are flaring, including the lipodermatosclerosis. That had been behaving once it had a few days to recover from compression stockings. Now the leading edge has gotten hot, turned pinker and has some hard bumps. Luckily that pain has only been coming in small bursts.

Ooooooohhhhhh…..sooooooo sick….back to bed………