It’s my birthday but we ate Greek food for Rhett. We went to a place called Greek Souvlaki.


I picked out a bunch of dishes and we split everything. We had chicken and pork souvlaki, a pita bread, stuffed grape leaves, tzatski, pastitsio, spanakopita, lemon chicken soup, salad and split a baklava for dessert. Rhett is happy he finally got his Greek food 🙂


As you can see, Rhett still has his whiskers…but one day while I was asleep, he cut his mustache off. We both desperately need haircuts.

Today in school, Rhett made me a Braille birthday card. When he got off the Paratransit bus I was sitting in the common room talking with a group of women. He proudly showed everyone the cookies he baked for me and passed around the card. Sighted people could see the birthday cake made with symbols. Then he read it out loud. It said Happy Birthday Babe, and they all cracked up 🙂