Wish I had a video of me this morning. There was salt embedded in the ice near the front door, so that was only mildly scary. By the time I got to the dumpster, it was treacherous. As I opened the enclosure, my feet went in opposite directions. I held on to the gate and slid wildly. I was NOT going to fall and get another black eye or concussion!!!!

In retrospect it might have been less painful to fall. I wrenched my back and arms and neck and knees. Owie!

I ohhhhhh, soooooo carefully then inched my way over to the RV. The car next to me was encased in ice. I am REALLY pissed off at the management of this place. No snow has ever been cleared between vehicles. Now that snow has become solid lumps of slick ice.


That was right after I talked to the manager for the bazillionth time and asked him to DO SOMETHING!

Then I had an appointment with the sleep center doc. He started out by telling me that Rhett has both central and obstructive sleep apnea. He said that’s rare…but I have it, too. Sigh….

I picked up our special ordered leg warmers…knee high compression stockings for Rhett and CircAid velcro torture devices for me.

Then I went to yet another hospital for blood gas and a whole barrage of pulmonary function tests.

The doc asked me to go home and bring back my CPAP. They discovered it’s old and defective. The doc ordered me a new one. Both Rhett and I have to do overnight oximetry tests and both of us are getting new CPAP’s. That’s a lot of “togetherness”.

Saturday is our anniversary.

I called ADA compliance and a disability advocate. I was advised that the management is negligent and it’s illegal not to clean out at least the handicapped spots. We were also told to sue about Rhett’s concussion. I told them either the state or feds should sue since they are stuck paying the bills.

Rhett’s visiting nurse showed up around 7 PM. I got her to put on Rhett’s stockings! 🙂 Ack! Rhett’s blood sugar was 161. Once the nurse left, Rhett immediately fell asleep in his chair. I am going to take my regular and heavy duty meds and go to bed real soon. Sooooo tired!