Neurontin takes days to work on peripheral neuropathy, but only hours for seizures. I felt so well and so energized last night that I didn’t want to sleep.

This morning I feel like I have been looking through a cracked and dirty windshield for months and somebody replaced it with a crystal clear and immaculately clear one!!!! I am so astounded that I cannot shut up. I keep telling Rhett how much better I am 🙂

I was scared to take this med. I expected it to go more of the way of a drooling idiot rather than smarter! 🙂 This is FANTASTIC!!!!

I baked cinnamon rolls last night and got up this morning to cut and wrap them. I had energy and I had hardly slept! This feels a lot like taking high doses of prednisone. I just can’t believe how much better I feel!!!!!!


Can you tell I am excited? Then I walked….let me repeat that WALKED…down to the community room and back FIVE TIMES!!! If I wasn’t so SOB, it would be better….but ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gosh! I can think and walk!  🙂

Since I have been sitting here, LOTS more baked goods have walked in! Wow, quite a bake sale. It’s to earn money for summer picnics here at the apartment building.