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I went to my neurologist appointment and it was a dud. The guy refused to give me IVIg and he never even addressed the peripheral neuropathy. AND he was a sadistic ##$%@#%&!!! This appointment was even worse than the one in October.

By the time I left, I told him off. I said I was there for help. Where was his passion for healing? I told him I had seen the lists of his professional writing credentials, but with that, he needed to pay attention to me as a person, to use kindness and common sense and to want to make me better. At the end I looked him in the eye and told him he was an idiot.

I laughed and joked and had a fun time with the valets, receptionists and nurses…and then ended up in a room with a man who didn’t want to hear a single thing about my MG or peripheral neuropathy. This is the man who is supposed to specialize in my diseases. He sucks. I don’t know why he exists 😦

Then I came home to a mean, nasty, grouchy husband. All I could do was feel very defeated and deflated and cry. Then I pulled myself together and made a crockpot full of corn chowder for Relief Society. Thankfully it was soon time to go to church.

A woman banker and 2 poor folks sat next to me. The woman banker was great to talk to. She made me happy 🙂 Then there were half a dozen soups to choose from. We got round loaves of bread and cut the tops off for soup bowls. A few people read poems and then our speakers were a couple that have been married 69 years.

I have loved that couple since the minute I met them. They have had church callings that took them all over. Years ago they were president and matron of the temple in Laie Hawaii. He is also a patriarch and a sealer. I have always had a thing for patriarchs 🙂 I can feel their spirit before I mentally know anything about them. He is usually the guy who leads Rhett to priesthood and back to me afterwards.

I got home to find the same *itch who took my last shoveled out parking spot decided to remove the cone and park in my spot last night. I had to park way down on glare ice 😦

Got home and Rhett started right in being grouchy. I handed him the Valentine’s cookies I had decorated for him at church and went to bed.

This morning Rhett woke up tolerable…..and he went to school. I am glad his meds get doubled in a few days!!!!

My meds aren’t working as well. I think it’s from the stress test, doc visits and Rhett stress. I am sincerely hoping I can do some serious resting today. I am soooooo tired mentally and physically. Sigh…..