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I am thinking taking meds is a slippery slope. Just like I was an organic farmer and did not pour poisons into the soil, it seems a bad idea to pour poisons into me to make me healthier 😦

Geeze…Rhett takes warfarin, lamictal, a bunch of vitamins and now DayQuil and NyQuil.

Mine increased today, too. FedEx arrived with evening primrose oil and alpha lipoic acid. That is supposed to help peripheral neuropathy. My daily dose giant pillbox is running out of room for all my meds. Mestinon, ibuprofen, Neurontin, Cymbalta, Metformin, zyrtec, vitamin D3, a multivitamin, garlic oil, cinnamon capsules….and then there are the as-needed meds like Imitrex, Norco, Zofran and who knows what else.

Sometimes it feels like a full time job to procure and dole it all out. I sincerely wish all meds could be picked up on ONE DAY!

Rhett is wicked bad stuffed up. He sure is hungry, though!! I still cannot taste, so food is less appealing.

We are planning ahead to not go to church. This is the week we can take sacrament right here in our apartment building.

Each time I struggle to get up from my chair, my muscles quiver like crazy. This has been getting worse. My throat muscles aren’t much better. The sore throat hurts and the weak muscles make it tough to swallow without choking.

To me, it’s bizarre that I don’t cough much during the day, but always start hacking while in bed, no matter how I lie down.


I have a new rash over the bridge of my nose and a bit on each side. It’s your basic red spots. Still have the matching rashes on both arms.


Last night I was freaked out to see.my tongue totally covered in white fur. That’s gone today, but the sores on my tongue are multiplying.


For the first time in my life, my hair is getting sparse. Seems like that happened awfully fast! There are also weird little fluid filled bumps all over my head. It feels like the old days before IVIg 😦

I am thinking I should shop for my food processor and spice grinder online. Is Amazon generally a good choice? I am too sick and tired for heavy duty thinking and comparison shopping.

It went up to 55° today!!!!!!! I had the window wide open. Blue sky means chemtrails 😦 The jets made lots of parallel lines, made crosses every now and again, then it all knit together into a gray haze. Yuck!