Why are they doing chemtrails at 7 PM? Sigh….it was a GORGEOUS blue sky today. I hadn’t seen one so clear, blue and pollution free in “forever”.

I am studying up on being able to carry a power chair in a minivan. My neighbor has a Grand Caravan with a hatchback loader. Some can be loaded through the side door or there are ramps.

Possum says a Mercury Villager or Ford Windstar would be good for hauling a big power wheelchair because they are heavy but built sturdy. Who knows how life will turn out?

I have to call and tell the insurance company my new phone number! Their chair decision is imminent.

I have sooooooo many phone calls to make so people know my new number. I just need enough air to talk.

One great thing about the whole reboot is that by adding other accounts to the phone, a bunch of “lost” photos are there for me to trip down memory lane. OMG!!! Look how Rhett looked in September 2011. Wow….

We need to get skinnier and younger again! I have gotten quite fat between the pancreatitis and a carby diet. I don’t even know what I really look like anymore….just my face.

What I was talking about when I titled this post was that I just reread the last couple of weeks of posts. In retrospect it’s easy to see I was going to end up at the hospital.

When the doc wanted to prescribe eryrthromycin, I pulled out my 2 page printout of drugs dangerous with MG. I had him read it. He insisted this would be OK. I wonder how much that little oversight cost the state and federal government? Sigh….

The visiting nurse had a program on her iPhone that gave the MG/Eryrthromycin warning in big, bold letters. She showed it to me as the ambulance was on the way. Dang.

My body feels beat up after all that coughing and desperately sucking in air…..