I am used to getting up at 6 AM, whether I want to or not. Sigh…

I puttered around, cleaning the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher. When Rhett got up, he wanted a hot fudge sundae for breakfast….so that’s what he got.

Afterwards we talked awhile and I read him all the LDS WOW emails and all the words of the day he had missed lately.

A few days ago, Rhett got a new catalog of cassette, digital and Braille books he can get. Lord knows what set him off, but he became nasty in a flash. The good Rhett had been replaced by his evil twin. I hate when that happens. I dont know if it’s the brain injury or being bipolar. I packed up the garbage bag to take it to the dumpster and left.

I went to the Deseret Industries half a block away. Got some great finds! A little 3 drawer storage thingy for $2. Now all the little stuff that was floating around has a home 🙂 I also got a plastic 2 drawer combo that perfectly holds my different papers for journaling and crafts. It was a whopping $3.

When I got back, Rhett was even worse than before. I told him about ten times that I put out green shorts and a green shirt for the party. He chose to stay in bed, so I went by myself and had a good time at the St Patty’s Day Party in the community room.

I came back to an even grouchier husband so I cleaned the whole place..that’s what. I do to relieve stress.

Not sure if the new triple dose of lamictal is to blame. He is just a pain to be around today!!!! I spent a heck of a lot of time trying to help find misplaced items. He is acting and talking very baby-like. Creeps me out!

The neurosurgeon never got back to me. I guess I will have to make an appointment. I think the pressure from water on the brain is making Rhett act strange. Maybe I can get his nurse to help.

I broke into a sweat soon after getting to DI. Yuck. Picked out some things for Porter and Fletcher. Got myself a few books.