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Yup…the RV battery was as dead as a doornail again. I need to drive further or bring in the battery to fully charge it. Since I only used about 5 gallons of gas this month, the poor thing needs more exercise.

I was already so weak that I was moving at the speed of a sloth. I had to hook up the jump starter and get in the car, start it up, get out, put it all away. If you feel OK…that’s not a big deal. By the time I got to church, my body looked like it was being electrocuted. Lots of myoclonic jerks and brain zaps. Coming home was difficult.

I heated up yesterday’s stir fry and made a fresh pot of jasmine rice. Then we crawled into bed with our CPAPs and slept for hours.


I was still weak when I woke up. Soon my throat was trying to close. I had already gotten out ingredients for pot stickers. I was bound and determined to make them for Easter. I honestly don’t know how I did it. Rhett and I split all 38 of them 🙂 At least for supper, swallowing wasn’t as difficult or painful. It gets the worst from talking. It’s hard for me to shut up :-p

I will call my new neuro tomorrow and leave a message. I doubt she will be useful…but we will see….