I feel even worse today 😦

Got up to make Rhett’s breakfast and I kept thinking there were things like hard rice grains or something stuck to the bottom of my feet. I kept wiping them on the rug. It hurt! Finally got enough sense to sit down and look at my feet. Nothing was there. I put on my sandals to more evenly distribute the weight over the painful spots.

Got Rhett all ready for school and waited with him until paratransit came. They were taking him to a doctor appointment, then he has to take a taxi from there to school. There are 3 doctor appointments he needs to go to this week.

My favorite old guy came hurrying towards me. He gave me a plastic bag with bottles of Butcher’s Broom and Boswellia Serrata. We often talk about herbs and he wants to make me better. I need to read up on them. I know nothing. His kindness made me cry. People often “come out of the woodwork” to help me. It’s very touching.


The manager came over to us while we were waiting. He said he was going to talk to his supervisor about reimbursement for the lost food. I told him that many of the foods that survived the thaw are now frozen solid…like celery, cabbage, zucchini, a tub of black olives…

I came back to the apartment and took off my soaking wet clothes. I had gone to the dumpster and back in the pouring rain, while waiting for paratransit.

Of course as soon as I was comfy in my nightgown and sprawled in my chair, the maintenance guy knocks. He wanted to see the frozen things. He apologized.

As soon as he left, Rhett called. The doctor was not amused that I sent him there on his own. Geeze. The whole reason Rhett is in blind school is to boost his independence. I then told Rhett that I had forgotten to pack him a lunch. I suggested he beg for some food or borrow money so he can buy lunch. He only had $3 instead of his usual $5 in his wallet because I went and spent our real cash on food that has now been thrown away 😦

Which reminds me, the old guy is not looking good at all 😦 He thinks he might have pneumonia. He has a son who helps him out. I looked him in the eye today and told him I was ready to die. I think he was telling me the same thing. It’s hard not to dwell on crap today. The temperature has been falling. A high wind warning is up and snow is in the forecast. Yuck! I have to keep reminding myself that I am still going through Cymbalta and Neurontin withdrawal….so things PROBABLY just seem worse. Yup. Uh, huh…

But…the trees have started flowering πŸ™‚