I came to a different hospital. This is the one preferred by most of the old folks in my building. The difference is worlds apart.

I am now admitted. I wasn’t too fond of the ER doc at first, but he grew on me. The more he learned about me, the nicer he got.


The docs and nurses here upstairs are FANTASTIC!!!!! They are actually trying to sleuth out AND fix all the stuff wrong with me 😮

The neuro who came to my room WANTS me to get IVIg!!!!! This all seems too good to be true.


I have been given IV solumedrol (like prednisone), I am getting IV fluids for the dehydration and I have had two breathing treatments. This place has cut through all the political BS and they are actually trying to make me better! Imagine that!

Between the Ventolin and steroids I am now hyper Superwoman 🙂

It paid to take a different tack. By quitting all my meds, they got to see the really sick me. They were horrified that I quit taking all my meds and went into such obvious decline. Instead of me insisting I have MG and need treatment, THEY are insisting I need IVIg 🙂 It was a risky gamble on my part, but quitting my meds woke a few people up. It makes me giddy to have them wanting to help me! 🙂

What an ordeal to get to this point. Geeze!!! I will only believe the IVIg when I see it being infused into my body….but things are looking up 🙂

Lots more to say….too ditzy to think…..