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Today is the day my power chair was promised..this time. When nobody called me, I called the company. Guess what? More doublespeak. Last time she told me it had been ordered from IN. This time, she claims it’s coming from PA….and won’t be shipped from there until sometime next week. Now the ETA is in 2 weeks. I am sooooooooooooo NOT amused 😦

I stayed awake from 1 AM to 8 AM, then tried to sleep. I woke up every few minutes for the next 4 hours. I feel yucky 😦 Still wicked bad queasy and weak. My guts are unhappy and my belly is very bloated. Ugh.

I have to be at the hospital by 6 AM and surgery is scheduled for an hour later. I already called and made arrangements for the very early taxi ride.

I wonder if it will really be day surgery? It hasn’t worked out that way in the past. Here’s hoping that vigilant anesthesiologists and improved patient care makes a difference between the old days and now. General anesthesia is always dangerous with MG. You just never know…..


For breakfast I had sticky rice and steamed vegetables.


Funny stuff about myasthenia gravis Darn….I couldn’t read the T-shirts on my little Android screen. The part about pina coladas cracked me up. (virgin pina coladas of course) πŸ˜› Been there, done that!

The Droopy Eye Song This is great!

For supper I made rice noodles with chicken, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, scallions, cilantro, garlic, lime and sweet Thai noodle sauce. Rhett licked the bowl. Funny…because for 18 years, Peter did that :-p Men!

Mmmmmm….yummy. I hope my guts don’t go nuts again. I was too queasy to eat lunch


After almost every meal, I eat one ginger candy. Ahhhh…..