Moochie’s is about a block from our building. We had been there once.

Yesterday they were in the news because of traumatizing vegetarians. Last I looked, there were 177 comments. Wouldn’t it be nice if people had that much passion about all issues in the world?

I was a vegetarian for 8 years, mostly because I didn’t like meat. But that’s a whole other story 😛

Moochie’s has been famous locally for a long time. It became famous nationally thanks to Food Network TV when it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Next time I will try the eggplant sandwich…and make sure the sauce has been bathing meatballs! When I was going to Syracuse University, there was a place with FANTASTIC eggplant parmesan subs. Mmmmm…..tasty memories 🙂

Anyways…Rhett was all shook up about my impending operation….probably because he worries his chef might not be up to cooking. He decided that we should go out to eat to save my strength. I suggested if he really wanted food from somewhere else, that we should get food delivered. I have hardly ever done that in my entire life, and never here.

Geeze…trying to read restaurant websites on this Android was just too frustrating. Finally I said fine…let’s go to Moochie’s. I figured I could dredge up enough strength to drive a block.

Ha ha ha ha… By the time I got in the little dive, I was soaked in sweat and my legs would not stop quivering.

Rhett had a Philly cheesesteak, mac and cheese and a red cream soda. I also had a cheesesteak with a boatload of hot peppers, fries and birch beer soda.

We got footlongs, ate half there, then brought the rest home. It was fun…but geezum crow expensive!!!! $28! I can make a lot of meals for that much money.

The most amazing thing about going was that while sitting inside Moochie’s, I could see right where our apartment is. From here, I can see nothing but the back of a building.

The best part about dinner was not the food…even though it was yummy. The best part was realizing there is a whole world outside of my apartment. I enjoyed watching all the bicyclists go by. The ones who stopped looked just like all the 20 and 30-somethings in Portland. Patrons tonight were all shapes, sizes and ages. I didn’t realize just how far removed from normal life I had gotten. My life and my view most of the time is pretty darn small.

So, I am in tons of pain and am gosh darned weak, but I am grateful to have gone out on the town with Rhett tonight 🙂