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Rhett wanted soda, I wanted aloe vera pain relieving gel with lidocaine and menthol. I also wanted to take the garbage out.

Rhett has a bright purple bruise on the side of his foot. Neither of us knows what happened. I suspect that Rhett must have twisted his foot while following my power chair last night. He remembers nothing. He also can just barely hobble….leaving me in charge of garbage and fetching things.

I got a sunburn from going so far with the power chair the last 3 days. Ouch. But amazingly, I am in much better shape than I would be if under fluorescent lights that long. It has GOT TO BE the plaquenil. I need to look that up. I took hydroxychloroquine when Heather was 7 and we went to Mexico. I was very surprised then when the sun did not get to me as much as usual.

So, I set off for Smith’s grocery and all-around everything store. But Deseret Industries was just half a block out of my way. I got Rhett a $2 pair of shorts that fit him nicely. I got some cookbooks.

When I left DI, there was Washington Park, inviting me to go under the trees and to look at the fountains 🙂


Then I had to pass the library. I couldn’t just keep going!


I went in and got a library card. YES!!!!!! It’s a very impressive building. Downstairs, along the street-side, there are little shops. On the other side is a cafe. My library card lets me borrow 100 items at a time! OMG!!! Next door is the Leonardo. It’s a big museum.

I sure was glad to get home, put on my sunburn gel and rest. Ahhhhhh……