Everything is a trade off. Now that I walk less, my feet and ankles are much less swollen. But….my hips and thighs hurt worse than ever. Sigh…..


Ever since I got the power chair, the pain has been getting more and more excruciating. I need to figure out how to find help and answers about wheelchair/power chair use and tips. There must be something I can do to minimize my pain.

I have also been thinking more about getting those special flattening hinges that add a few inches of width to get through my apartment door.

I have a lot to learn about which sidewalks to follow, too. Some have nice, smooth curb cuts. Some are horrible. Then there are blocks with curb cuts on one end and no way to cross the street on the other. You get to the road and there is simply a cliff 😮 That means turning around and finding a driveway that has a gentle enough slope to get onto the road.

Tree roots sometimes push up sidewalks so much that they become impassable. I really hate the sidewalks with sheer cliffs. The DI in Sugarhouse has a steep embankment and sheer drop. It scared the beejeepers out of me.

So far I have been forced off the sidewalk by bicyclists, skateboarders, couples holding hands and dozens and dozens of school kids streaming at me, paying no attention. At street crossings and driveways, cars come at me from out of nowhere. Motorists get awfully agitated when they can’t turn right on red without waiting for a wheelchair to cross. Several times now I have felt the breeze from cars and bicycles coming way too close. It’s a scary world out there.

Every once in awhile I get people who back up out of the crosswalks, smile, wave or make “after you” gestures. They make me feel hopeful for the human race. You know who is the nicest? Panhandlers with signs saying they are hungry or homeless. They usually smile and say something pleasant. This is just a generalization, but for the most part, people lower down on the socio-economic scale are the most kind and considerate. They know what it’s like to be marginalized.

I can tell I am going to learn a lot about myself and society in my travels. It’s even more up close and personal than traveling and camping in a van or little RV.